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Ghana’s hip hop sensation, Dr. Pushkin, whose real name is Paul Azunre, has left a resounding mark on the music scene with his recent ‘Outlandish North2South Experience’ held in Accra and Bolgatanga over the last two weekends. Sponsored by the Khaya Languages Translation App, this remarkable event brought together music enthusiasts, artists, and creative minds for two nights of unforgettable entertainment, education, and inspiration.

The journey commenced in Accra on Saturday, September 9, at the prestigious Alliance Française. The event served as a platform for showcasing the immense talent residing in Ghana’s Upper East region. Dr. Pushkin, alongside other remarkable artists such as Rockcity Bongo, Soorebia, Jahwi, Aphee, and several others, set the stage ablaze with electrifying performances. This night marked the inception of a promising new chapter for Upper East creatives in the bustling capital city of Accra.

The thrill and excitement didn’t end there; it only intensified as the ‘Outlandish North2South Experience’ made its way to Bolgatanga. On September 15, creatives gathered at the Jocom Hotel for a music seminar that aimed to impart knowledge and nurture budding talents. The session served as an invaluable opportunity for artists to learn, network, and refine their craft.

The grand culmination of this musical extravaganza unfolded on September 16 with a spectacular concert at the same venue. Bolgatanga witnessed an incredible lineup featuring not only Dr. Pushkin but also renowned artists like Soorebia, Pandy, Fasetwo, Alaptawan, and many others who left the audience awe-inspired with their performances. The energy in the air was palpable as music enthusiasts reveled in the melodies, rhythms, and lyrics that brought the night alive.

The ‘Outlandish North2South Experience’ was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Khaya Languages Translation App, which recognized the importance of celebrating and promoting Ghana’s diverse music and cultural heritage.

Dr. Pushkin’s vision for this event was not merely to entertain but to unite, educate, and uplift the creative spirits of the Upper East region. In doing so, he has showcased the incredible potential of Ghana’s music industry and the wealth of talent it harbors.

This event has not only bridged geographical gaps but has also strengthened the bonds of creativity and unity within Ghana’s music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the nation. The ‘Outlandish North2South Experience’ stands as a testament to the power of music to inspire, unite, and uplift communities.

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