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Ghanaian International Minstrel Immanuel Jojo Lawson To launch Latest Album “Speak Lord” on October 13th

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 6, 2018


Ghanaian international gospel act, Jojo Immanuel Lawson after 30 years in ministry is set to launch his debut album titled “Speak Lord” in a live recording session at the North Kaneshie Assemblies Of God church in Accra on October 13, 2018.

The much awaited Speak Lord album reflects on a heart yearning for more from God.

The 12 track album clearly talks about the voice of God and how the voice of God is needed in every situation and worship.The all powerful album also eulogies God as the alpha and omega and the one who speaks and everything bow in awe with miracles and answers.

According to him, the yet to be released album which was recorded in the One Louder Studio, was mixed and produced by Isaac Aryee a Ghanaian based in London. The new songs comes along with an impeccable touch of International sound quality is true a gospel album with a deep message and word and certainly everybody must have an encounter with.

Born Ghanaian, Jojo Immanuel Lawson is a born again Christian who is passionate about God, Christ and the Kingdom of God .

Immanuel, is a renowned Speaker and Mentor, Gospel Artiste for over 25 years, a Radio Presenter in UK, President and Founder of C-Pals Men’s network and prisons outreach and the deputy Christian Leader for the City Of London Square Mile.

Highly recorgised on the international stages, Immanuel Lawson have travelled and ministered in few countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Holland, some parts of the States such as Maryland, Virginia, New York and in over 200 churches in the UK.

Actively involved in outreach, preaching and evangelicalism globally, Immanuel recently received The Levites Award 2018 in London for his Contribution to The Growth Of the Church.

A man who draws inspiration from the word of God, Holy Spirit, the Cross and Jesus Christ, he tells me Ghanaians are in for a man with a deep heart of worship, a true lover of Christ and the Gospel with an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit dedicated to God and word come October 13.

The Speak Lord Album launch, promises to be more than an event. It is an experience with the divine being through music and other forms of ministration in an atmosphere of love, grace and purpose.

You can visit Jojo Immanuel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also the website for further information .

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