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Ghanaian Gospel group, Preachers, announce “X” Album to celebrate 10 years

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at July 28, 2019


Ghanaian Urban Gospel group, Preachers, which is made up of three members, Obed Psych, Emani Beats and Edmund Baidoo is yet to release a new album dubbed ‘X’ to celebrate the groups’ success since its birth in 2009.

Preachers, the pacesetters of the urban gospel movement in Ghana have toured locally and internationally to preach the word of God through their music are 10 years and are yet to release their much anticipated album ‘X’ in September.

According to Obed, leader of the group, ‘X’ (which is a roman numeral for 10) is the interpretation of the number 10 which is the number of years they have been in the industry.

In an interview, he said, “Preachers is 10 years this year so the obvious interpretation for ‘X’ is the number 10. But to us, it’s more than just a number. Through our experience, we have given you bits and pieces of our hearts with 3 albums but X is the best part of our hearts, it’s a kiss, it represents the cross as well and it represents 10 years of positive influence and bringing a new dimension into the gospel music scene.”

He also added that, “X is a special album, this time around, there’s a lot of maturity and growth in our content and our style. It took us 3 years to put this album together because we didn’t want to rush it. This album is our 4th album in 10 years of music and in order to celebrate the anniversary in a remarkable way, we needed to bring in something new and refreshing. We have major features on the album and most of the productions were done live.”

Obed disclosed that, the ‘X’ album has 10 songs to match with 10 years and the album title X,) “We had more than just 10 songs to give so it is 13 for now. Who knows? We might just throw in a song or two in addition before its release in September.

The album according to the group, has all the genres of music and featured some great artists on “ We have trap music in there. We also have afrobeats and predominantly hiphop fused with RnB/Soul.if the album were food, we would call it a balanced diet.”

‘X’ is said to be for people who love songs that uplift their spirit, songs that inspire them and songs that gets them connected to God.The album was produced by Replay Planet. “Specific people that had a hand in the production are Belac 360, Decorus, Joshua Moszi, Emani Beats and Louis Pascal.”

The album will be available on all digital stores worldwide and on social media on @Preachersgh

(Story: Erica Arthur)

Source: Beenie Words

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