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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 19, 2021


Reggae artiste, Roo Dube has lambasted Ghanaian DJ’s with the accusation that they only wait for Ghanaian musicians to die before they celebrate them.

According to him, the passing of the legendary highlife musician Nana Kwame Ampadu saw almost all DJs who did not play his songs when he was alive now abusively play his songs on radio stations.

“When the artiste dies, switch to all radio stations in Ghana. You will hear of the music of the deceased.

“You mark this, if the confirmation comes that Nana Ampadu is dead, all radio stations will play his songs tomorrow. If Ghana was to be another country, the music of Nana Ampadu should be able to feed his son and grandchildren for all their lives. But it is not the case in Ghana,” Roo Dube lamented in an interview with Modernghana Entertainment.

The Reggae artist insists that radio stations and DJs in Ghana are so wicked and should even be partially blamed for the death of some of the old musicians.

“These stations don’t care about us the musicians. Ghanaian DJ’s are very wicked. If they continuously played the music of old musicians, it could even encourage people to go and donate to our musicians who may be in need of money or support one way or the other,” he stated.

Expecting radio stations in the country to play songs of Nana Ampadu on Wednesday in his memory, Roo Dube says if he was a family member of the deceased, he would have sued the radio stations playing his songs.

He stressed that it’s about time Ghanaian stations and DJs followed in the steps of Nigeria by prioritizing local music over foreign music.

He said rarely will one hear of Ghanaian music on radio stations when he or she travels to Nigeria or any other part of the world, but it is not the same in Ghana.

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