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Four things that you should not do on a cruise liner or how not to spoil your vacation

Follow @eventlabgh < Are you going to spend the long-awaited vacation aboard the ultra-modern cruise liner? Cool! We even envy...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 30, 2017


Are you going to spend the long-awaited vacation aboard the ultra-modern cruise liner? Cool! We even envy you. To be honest, this is the best way to take a rest from the bustle and exhausting labor. There are chic landscapes outside a window, endless entertainment aboard the liner, comfortable cabins and delicious food. But there are several things that can spoil even such a chic vacation. Unfortunately, very few people know about them, but not our readers. Today we will tell you how to avoid troubles and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

Medical insurance

You can go nowhere without this thing. And especially on a cruise, otherwise it is fraught with unpleasant consequences for your health. So most likely the cruise operator will offer you to arrange insurance for him. Perhaps he will even offer fabulous conditions and you immediately agree. After all, this is a great deal, isn`t it?

No. In fact, insurance for a cruise operator means an unavoidable conflict of interest in the payment of compensation. The whole procedure can be delayed for a very long time or even be a losing game for you. This is the way this business is arranged. The best solution is to contact an independent insurance company that you trust.

Importance of vaccinations

Do not be deceived by the chic look of the cruise liner and the list of its vip-passengers. It’s still a limited space which is stuffed with a huge number of people. And this environment is just perfect for the development of diseases and even whole epidemics.

Do not a step on board without vaccinations! Visit your doctor a month before the long-awaited vacation. Make inquiries about the dates of the last vaccination. You should know for certain that you have been vaccinated against the most common and dangerous diseases. We are talking primarily about measles, rubella and mumps. Secure yourself, your vacation and other passengers from trouble.

Pay attention with cocktails!

It is so nice to drink after dinner a couple of shots or soak a strong long-drink! And to do this on a cruise liner is especially nice. There is such a cool bar full of your favourite whiskey. And you deserved all this with honest and hard work after all!

But do not lose your vigilance. Do you know how many passengers have see a doctor for help with bruises and other injuries? And all that happens because they drink superfluous alcohol. There are a lot of slippery and uneven surfaces on liners board. But we have even more terrible information for you. According to statistics, at least 7 people fall overboard the cruise liners annually. Scary, right? And the reason of these falls is strong alcohol. If you do not want to spend a holiday on the high seas with a company of sharks you should be careful with all these cocktails.

Teeth whitening is not best decision

Who does not like to shine with a snow-white smile? It`s very important if you want to treat a woman. And if you are travelling alone, who knows when fortune will present you a date with outstanding beauty? Owners of cruise liners and tour operators are also well aware of this small weakness of their passengers. And they offer teeth whitening services. For a lot of money, of course. Significantly more expensive than on land.

But it’s not even in the price. Firstly, highly qualified dentists are rarely found on board of a cruise liner. Secondly, local specialists can use aggressive substances during the procedure, and this hurts. Then your vacation will be spoiled completely, believe us. Better take care of your smile in advance!


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