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Five Shows You Can Binge Watch Together With Your Family

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 16, 2022


A new year comes with many new year resolutions, but we often forget to set some for the family. So, consider this your reminder to set some goals and resolutions that are family-centric. You may want to start with ‘spending more time with your family’. One of the best ways to make this happen is by watching TV together.

So here are five shows that anyone can watch, have great storylines, and will take you weeks to work through as you spend multiple hours with your family.

1. My Siblings and I:

This family sitcom follows the Aberuagba family whose family mantra is – an Aberuagba’s business is every Aberuagba’s business! If you have siblings living with you, this is for you. You’ll most likely relate to the overbearing, ‘amebo-seeking’, gossip-sharing nature of the Aderuagba kids. But most of all, you and the family will have a good laugh watching them for four seasons. It’s every binge-watcher’s dream!

2. Joe All Alone:

This is a British Film that lightly follows the Home Alone format, except with less trickery and more suspense. At the show’s beginning, Joe’s mum leaves him home alone. He must fend for himself and deal with new friends, threatening foes, and the dodgy parcel of money he’s found hidden in his bathroom. There’s only one season of the series, but it is super-packed with a ton of lessons you’ll be surprised to learn from a 13-year-old boy. The best part of the show is that it’s great for children of any age, especially those with overactive imaginations.

3. Young Dylan:

Tyler Perry created this show as a healthy family sitcom. At first glance, it looks like a kid’s show that should belong only on Nickelodeon, but it will surprise you. No matter your age, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Dylan and his unruly ways. You may even catch yourself loving the hilarious show more than your kids. Either way, it’s a must-watch.

4. Black Tax:

This SAFTA-winning comedy revolves around a successful professional woman and her family after the sudden arrival of her parents into her modest suburban townhouse. It’s the perfect watch for a family with only teenagers. It will allow teenagers to tease their parents about the future and create much-needed openness. It also has two seasons with 13 episodes each – enough to keep you glued for a few weekends.

5. Find Me In Paris:

If you’re a family of dancers, you’ll love this show which is mixed with some dance, fantasy, and a little bit of crime. Lena, a young ballet dancer from 1905, is transported into the 21st century with the power of a magical necklace. While her boyfriend looks for a way to bring her back, she must find a way to fit in and dodge the sinister time agents. It will also take you a while to work through this with 78 episodes across three seasons, which means more family time.

You don’t even have to find these shows because they are all readily available on one platform – Showmax. For as low as N1,200, you can enjoy these shows and a whole lot more like documentaries, reality shows, Nollywood films, Africa Magic originals, Showmax originals and much more.

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