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Five Safe Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life During The Pandemic

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 5, 2020


As the world continues to try to stay indoors to escape contracting COVID-19, one of the fun activities that have been greatly affected by the lockdown is sex between couples.

Some married couples have become bored with their sex life during the lockdown while some unmarried couples are itching to have a go at it again after a long time out. No matter what side of the divide you fall, here are five ways you can have your adrenaline firing again.

Try BDSM: This is not to say that you should engage in hardcore sexual activities like bondage, dominance, sadism or masochism. But you can try the simple types of BDSM. For example, try tying up or blindfolding your partner before you have sex. The loss of one sensory organ is sure to heighten the feeling everywhere else.

Try video call sex: This is just perfect if you are away from your partner. You can set up a video call and look sexy in nice underwear or lingerie and seduce each other. You can up the ante by watching each other as you both stimulate your sexual organs. Kinky!

Send sexual correspondence to each other: text your partner messages to get them hot and screaming to be pleasured. This works whether you share a space with your partner or you are apart. The messages help put ideas in your partner’s head and makes them open to try new things.

Watch pornographic videos together: this is possible even if you are apart from each other. You can video call your partner and share your screen and you can both get sexually stimulated by the porn. If you are stuck in the same house with your partner, this will give you a chance to try out new ideas.

Surprise each other with dirty gifts: This includes sex toys, x-rated comic books, DVDs or even edible underwear. It will keep the mystery alive and create a promise of sexier times to come after the pandemic. If you live together, then you can also make use of the gifts with your partner.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore.

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