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Five Jollof Rice Dishes You Should Try This Christmas

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Jollof rice is a mainstay West African dish that consists of rice cooked with tomato sauce, spices, and vegetables. It is considered the national dish of Nigeria and one of the most popular dishes in Africa. It has also gained international recognition and fame, as it has been featured in various media outlets and competitions.

Jollof Rice recommendations for christmas
Photo Credit: Eden Life

Christmas is a time to celebrate, enjoy, and indulge in delicious food. You can nourish your palate by tweaking the regular jollof rice recipes you know.

In this blogpost, we have highlighted five jollof meals you should try out this season. Impress your family and loved ones with any of these jollof menus and come back to thank us later.

Creamy Coconut Jollof

What better way to savor jollof rice goodness, than to garnish with coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut powder? Lovers of coconut rice can attest the power of jollof seasoning in coconut rice elevates the meal. Creamy Coconut Jollof and air fried fish should be on your Christmas menu!

Jambalaya Rice

Jambalaya rice is that rich cousin that lives abroad. It’s made from your regular herbs and spices, but with more vegetables. If you are hosting friends over, Jambalaya rice and creamy salad dressing should be your go to. It’s also prim and proper for the gram.

Native Jollof

Native Jollof rice is that refined granny in the village that’s well traveled but very strict. You can’t miss it with native jollof rice. A little palm oil here, some proteins, ugwu leaves and pepper, you are set! A jollof rice menu with no stress. Enjoyed by the elderly, loved by kids. Nobody goes wrong with native jollof rice!

Smokey-Party Style Jollof

In our opinion, this is firewood jollof. You see the smokey flavor charcoal brings to rice? That’s what we are talking about. The secret to good smoky jollof is plenty of onions, butter and charcoal. Don’t ask us about the charcoal, just do your research. *sips juice*

Asun Jollof Rice

Asun Jollof is that newly discovered mine in the jollof industry. Not many people are privy to the goodness of peppered goat meat in Jollof rice. Asun jollof with mixed peppers, dodo and cold zobo juice, and your Christmas is made!

We haven’t hacked the recipe to asun jollof yet, but Homemade by Eden Life seems to have gotten a hang of it.

A little birdie told us you can order the Asun Jollof and other Christmas Jollof platters from their website on Friday 22nd December. With meals going at a discounted rate of NGN 2,000 or less, you can gift your loved ones too.

It’s the season to be jolly, don’t be found wanting. Check out Eden Life’s website to know more.

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