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Feel the Beat with DStv & GOtv

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 24, 2020


When it comes to the best new music and amazing beats, DStv and GOtv have you covered with the greatest music content and shows for everyone and every age group, regardless of your musical preferences.

As April slowly draws to a close there’s plenty of reason to celebrate, here at DStv and GOtv we are turning up the volume on all the best international and local beats and tunes that set the scene for a party atmosphere right in your home.

From Afrobeat, hip-hop to house music and inspirational gospel there’s something for everyone in our new music show line-up. Get ready to hit the volume button – here’s what’s coming your way.

DJ Takeover

On Sunday, 26 April at 1:15pm, MTV Base is the place for music lovers to be.

Flip to DStv Channel 322 or GOtv 72 for DJ Takeover – the home of grime, reggae, bro-soul, hip-hop, and dancehall.

With roots in Africa and beats flying in fast from all corners of the world, this show sings with the voice of urban life. The variety of artists and countries will get your feet moving and electrify your ears.

From home-grown African beats to the latest US and UK releases, you’ll have more urban beats to enjoy than ever before.

Trending Videos Requests

Always wished your favourite music show would play your favourite music all the time. Well, now it does! Trending Videos Requests airs at 11:00am on Monday, 27 April on SoundCity – that’s DStv Channel 327 & GOtv 75. Tune in to hear the music you love on request.

Hit up your social media accounts with #soundcityinstantplay and tell the show what song and artist you’d like to hear. You can also request a playlist using the #soundcityvip hashtag.

The more times you post your requests, the better your chances of hearing your favourite song. Don’t forget to tell your social network to support you by requesting your favourite artist!

Praise Vibes

When times are challenging the soul searches for comfort. Music stills our souls and quiets our worried hearts and Praise Vibes offers up a playlist of beautiful gospel tunes from around the world that will inspire and uplift you, body and soul.

Praise Vibes airs on Monday, 4 May at 12:00pm on Trace Gospel (DStv Channel 332 & GOtv 77).

After a weekend full of entertainment and fast beats, start the new week with the sweet sounds and soulful voices of Contemporary, Urban, Worship, and Traditional Gospel.

Prepare to nourish your soul with the latest gospel hits from South Africa, Nigeria, and many more countries on our diverse continent.

Let DStv and GOtv inspire you this month

With a world of music – and the best of African beats – at the push of a button there’s never been a better reason to stay home, for: “Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen

DStv and GOtv brings you all the beats and all the best music shows this April – all you have to do is tune in, enjoy, and let the music take you to new heights.

For more information and to view our full schedule, visit and

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