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Fashion Police: The best, Worst, And “Just Manageable” Celebrity Outfits At The 2024 BET Awards

Follow @eventlabgh < Every award show (local or international), celebrities come out in full force. This year’s BET Awards is...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 2, 2024


Every award show (local or international), celebrities come out in full force. This year’s BET Awards is no different!

We saw stars serving jaw-dropping looks that had us shouting, “God when?!” And some others whose outfits made me wonder if their stylists had taken the night off.

Let’s break it down for you: the best, the worst, and the “just manageable” outfits that celebrities from around the world dared to wear on the BET Awards red carpet.

I am talking Who slayed and who didn’t. Who brought their A-game and who should have stayed home. A rundown of the 10 most memorable outfits at the 2024 BET Awards.


Tyla in Versace AW04 is simply picture-perfect! Not only does she bag awards left, right, and center, and give electrifying performances, but she also knows how to turn heads with her stunning outfits. Every time she steps out, she blesses our eyes with her impeccable style.

Tyla - 2024 BET Awards

Ice Spice

No offense, but why does Ice Spice in Versace SS04 remind me of those mannequins in Yaba market with body-con dresses? While Ice Spice is undeniably a beauty, this outfit is giving major Yaba vibes.

Not an absolutely bad dress but it doesn’t suit her body type and it’s way too simple for the BET Awards.

Ice Spice - 2024 BET Awards


A fur suit and leather coat have never looked this good on an African artiste (and I might just be biased). Camidoh isn’t just stealing our hearts with his great lyrics but also with his fab fashion sense.

The Ghanaian artiste is serving looks, proving that he’s got style, charisma, and a whole lot of swag!

Camidoh - 2024 BET Awards

Colman Domingo

Now, let’s talk about Colman Domingo in Ferrari AW24. Nice outfit—though the glossiness might require sunglasses (might be exaggerating but the gloss throws me off) and those abs are definitely worth a second look. But honestly, this ensemble might have been better suited for a younger celeb. What do you think?

Colman Domingo - 2024 BET Awards

Chloe Bailey

I love me some Chloe Bailey in the Mônot Elsa dress!

Chloe must have stepped onto the red carpet and the world just stopped for a moment. You best believe it because her black dress, with its daring cutouts and sleek design, was giving high-fashion realness, and I am absolutely here for it!

Chloe Bailey - 2024 BET Awards

Flo Milli

This must be a miss!

As a typical Nigerian, I wonder if Flo Milli missed the memo that she was going for an award show and not some raunchy party going down in the club.

Like you could dress sexy, dress yummy, dress good but please dress in line with the event you are attending, so you don’t look odd.

The outfit is daring, but sometimes less is more, and this just didn’t hit the mark.

Flo Milli - 2024 BET Awards

Summer Walker

Simple but cute, and that’s all I have to say!

Summer Walker is a vision in this short dress with pastel pink bow that is simply girly and absolutely adorable, making her standout like the bad ‘B’ she is.

Summer Walker - 2024 BET Awards

Coco Jones

Check out Coco Jones in Retrofête ss24 and she looks absolutely yummy.

Coco knows how to turn heads, and this time is no exception. The shimmering fabric of her dress catches the light perfectly, making her look like she’s glowing from within. It’s giving glamour, it’s giving sophistication, and most importantly, it’s giving us life. Coco, you did that!

Coco Jones - 2024 BET Awards

Madisin Rian

Madisin Rian is a beauty queen in my estimation, but her outfit is just too ‘everywhere!’

Like, what is happening? Where does it begin, and where does it end? What was the concept for this dress?

Nah, her designer did her dirty, but she rocked it like a queen and more… I give it to her!

Madisin Rian - 2024 BET Awards


I love eeett! Tinashe’s outfit is a win and absolutely stunning.

She definitely knows how to make an entrance, and this outfit is no exception. It’s exactly what we expect from Tinashe.

Never knew I could like an outfit with crazy cuts and Tinashe’s outfit is simply giving me everything I didn’t know I needed.

Tinashe - 2024 BET Awards

A little extra because they ate!

Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét - 2024 BET Awards

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna - 2024 BET Awards

Halle Bailey

Halle Bailey - 2024 BET Awards

Madam Boss

Madam Boss - 2024 BET Awards

Because giving credit to whom it is due, is the way to go, – linda‎‎, @itgirlenergy on X is the source of the images and designers info. These celebrities truly brought their A-game to the 2024 BET Awards, each in their unique style. Whether they hit the mark or missed it, one thing’s for sure: they kept us talking!

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