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Fashion Illustrator Claire Idare & Actor Akah Nnani Are Getting Married! 💍

Follow @eventlabgh < We’re such suckers for love stories, especially the ones that lead to happily ever after like this...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 29, 2019


We’re such suckers for love stories, especially the ones that lead to happily ever after like this one.

Actor Akah Nnani and fashion illustrator Claire Idera just announced that they are getting married.

The lovers who have been dating for five years got engaged a while back at the Omenka Gallery in Lagos but only just revealed their engagement on Instagram.

Akah wrote,

My people, I’ve engaged someone oh!! Lol.
This actually happened a little while before now and I want to share with you all.
@akahandclaire is official guys 😍❤🤵🏽👰🏽🎊 WE ARE GETTING MARRIED soon!! 😅 Thank you so much for your love and beat wishes guys, we are completely overwhelmed!! The full proposal video will be on our YouTube channel soon!! We have a wedding coming up soon

On her own page, the excited bride-to-be shared a cute picture of them locking scene at the scene of the proposal and wrote,

I cried my eyes out on this day at Omenka Gallery as I said YES to the man God sent my way. 😭🥰This happened a while back, we’ve allowed the feels to marinate in our hearts and now we want to share with the world🌎 ❤️ My Bestfriend and I 💏get to spend the rest of our lives together, what more can I wish for. 💃🏽5 years of loving up and now FOREVER!!! I’m so excited 😭😂🙈. I love you till my last breath @akahnnani ❤️ @akahandclaire is finally official. Now it’s to plan a wedding


The two also set up a joint Instagram page where they have already begun documenting their life together. Too too cute!

Claire is a fashion illustrator who has worked with brands like Lisa Folawiyo, Hugo Boss, Moofa and Zashadu among others. Akah on the other hand, has acted in a series of TV shows and is the main host on Accelerate TV’s talk show, The Shade Corner.

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