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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s First Egyptian Original Series, ‘Paranormal’

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 6, 2020


Paranormal is based on a novel series written by best selling author Ahmed Khaled Tawfik for 90’s kids in Egypt. Here’s all we know about it:

1. The storyline is centred around the protagonist, Reefat Ismail, a haematologist with a knack for dark humour. Reefat backs everything that happens with science but in his 40’s, ethereal things begin to happen, his world is forced upside down. He is accompanied by his university colleague, Maggie, in a bid to save their loved ones from the danger around them.

2. The confirmed cast includes Ahmed Amin who plays Reefat Ismail and Razanne Jammal who plays Maggie. It also features Reem Abdelkader and Ayah Samaha.

3. The drama series is produced by Mohamed Hefzy, who has written, produced, and co-produced, nearly thirty feature films across Egypt, the US, UK, and the Arab world since 2013. Some of his notable productions include ‘Clash’, ‘Sheikh Jackson’, ‘Rags and Tatters’, and ‘Villa 69’.

4. The award-winning director of the movie, Amr Salama, reached out to the late Tawfik in 2006 and after presenting his plans on creating a television series out of the book, got the rights to do so. It has taken fourteen years for Salama’s dream to come true.

5. The movie will take viewers on a time travel to Egypt in 1910, 1941, and 1969. It will maximise the right costumes, props, location, and casting to do justice to the novel.

6. ‘Paranormal’ is the first time Netflix will be working with Egyptian producers and will be released in 190 countries around the world.

7. Subtitles will be available in over 32 languages and it will be dubbed in nine different languages including English, Spanish, German, and Turkish. It will also have written descriptions and audio for the visually and hearing impaired.

There is wide anticipation for ‘Paranormal’ in Egypt and among international audiences, who look forward to seeing how Salama will turn a child-favourite book to an equally captivating show.

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