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Eunice Asiedu Foundation holds free breast screening exercise for young people

Follow @eventlabgh < On Thursday 18th October, the breast Screening event aimed at Screening the youth had about 100 participants....

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 22, 2018


On Thursday 18th October, the breast Screening event aimed at Screening the youth had about 100 participants.

Some students had some misconceptions about breast cancer and the Screening. These misconceptions and myths were tackled.

A participant thought she was going to had an injection before the Screening. This had always prevented her from getting screened. After the education and screening, she was relieved and was happy she was part of the event. She found out there were no injections and it her less than 5 minutes to finish.

Most of the time, the youth feel breast cancer affects only the elderly and they will start Screening when they are old.

But the truth is, breast Cancer is increasingly affecting the youth. The age for breast cancer victims keeps dropping. Now women in their 20’s are affected and killed by breast cancer.

People have to know they do not have to be affected first by breast Cancer before they take a step to get screened or visit the hospital. Everyone is at risk.

Participants were taught how to do the breast self examination which can be done all time to know how ones breast looks and feels so to be quick to seek for treatment when there are any changes.

This year’s event was made possible by the Eunice Asiedu Foundation, Treasure Motherhood Foundation and Reprocan Ghana.

The Eunice Asiedu Foundation made it possible to put together a successful event

October is the breast cancer awareness month. Eunice Asiedu Foundation made it responsibility to help organize this event with refreshment for each participant after Screening.

Breast Cancer is increasingly affecting the youth. It is important to support an initiative that is aimed at helping to educate and save the lives of the young people coming up. The support will go a long way since the youth will grow up self conscious of the harmful effects of breast cancer.

Treasure Motherhood Foundation hopes to keep collaborating with Eunice Asiedu Foundation in subsequent years to keep educating the youth and hopefully next years event will be more bigger.

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