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Eight Reasons Young People Are Obsessed With Watching Euphoria

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 4, 2022


Euphoria is all the cool kids can talk about. It’s no surprise that they also like Zendaya, who plays ‘Rue’, the main character. The show’s popularity has led to many asking what makes it unique and why young people love it so much? And we have all the answers anyone may need.

Here are eight reasons why young people love Euphoria so much:

1. Euphoria delves deeper into young adult issues than most ‘teenage’ drama series:

Euphoria is what TV needed—an honest and raw look into issues that young people face, especially in an over-exposed world like we currently have. The world has evolved drastically since the 90s. There are more vices and issues. Even though several ‘teenage’ dramas have tried to address them, they never really succeed in doing them justice. Euphoria does not shy away from issues like bullying, sex, finding one’s self and the damaging and dangerous side of ‘harmless’ drugs.

2. Euphoria is all about realness:

The show is incredible because it’s doing what no other show on television does. It’s an actual reflection of the ups and downs of life when you’re young. Zendaya and the rest of the cast capture an authentic and raw story, connecting teens everywhere who struggle with their issues. Euphoria talks about unique issues Gen-Zs deal with in a way that validates their feelings. The show also helps them learn a few things about themselves and their actions.

3. Euphoria proves adults shouldn’t relegate young love as something unserious:

When older people see young adults in love, they sometimes undermine it and act like their emotions are flippant. They never consider that what the kids are feeling may be genuine. However, Euphoria proves in a nuanced way that it doesn’t matter how old you are, love feels palpable when you’re in it, and that’s okay.

4. Euphoria represents a new generation of teens, a more realistic version:

The writers of Euphoria studied Gen-Zs, their issues, their triumphs, patterns, way of thinking, and general psyche. They then put together a show that youths can relate to. While every teenager may not connect to being a drug addict, they can understand other themes on the show. Some of these include the effects of peer pressure, wanting to party, young love, trying to discover themselves, and feeling unloved and unworthy in a world filled with unnecessary beauty standards.


5. Euphoria features a diverse cast filled with actors from a variety of backgrounds:

This multicultural cast is a standout, an opportunity for those who don’t often get a public voice. They have black beauty, Zendaya and transgender actress – Hunter Schafer leading the show. Euphoria’s cast also has people from different races, sexual orientations, and even body sizes, making every person who watches the show feels represented.

6. Euphoria celebrates colourful makeup and costume:

Colour is important throughout Euphoria, and it’s shown through the makeup and costume. Euphoria’s clothes are unconventional, and its makeup is bold. They carefully curated each character’s outfit. From Jules’ (Hunter Schafer) interesting eye shadows to Kat’s (Barbie Ferreira) dominatrix costumes, fans will get lost in a world of fabulous fashion. Their makeup, hair and outfits empower viewers to be bold. They encourage young adults not to cower to expectations placed upon them by others.

7. Euphoria’s cast is filled with great actors:

Zendaya leads the show with grace, style, and raw, powerful scenes to bring viewers to tears. Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Alexa Dermie: these are just a few of the names of the cast who capture their characters with credibility. Euphoria expertly cast each role, and they tell every story beautifully even though most of the actors are relatively new faces.

8. Euphoria embraces all body types:

In a world where body diversity is at the fore of several issues, Euphoria ticks the body diversity box. One of the hottest babes in the film is plus-size actress Barbie Ferreira, and she embodies sex appeal in every way.

Two years after the first season ended, the show is back for a second season. It is only available in Africa on Showmax. You can access this show and more content on the streaming service starting from N1,200. So head on to to find out more about how you can watch your favourite show.

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