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Efya Nokturnal amalgamates with Kulaperry’s “Fear No Man” merchandise

Follow @eventlabgh < A wise man once said, “quality is quality, there’s no substitute for quality”. With that been said,...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 9, 2018


A wise man once said, “quality is quality, there’s no substitute for quality”. With that been said, soulful singer, Efya Nokturnal has amalgamated with Kulaperry’s “Fear No Man” merchandise premeditatedly to exclusively release a clothing line to promote her newly released ear-candy featuring Mr. Eazi titled “Mamee”. Produced by MOG.

Ulterior motive for the amalgamation is focused at merging “Fear No Man” and “Efya” on the merchandise to release and sell. Management team decided to weigh options as to how to project the “Efya” brand. The first name that came to mind was celebrity stylist Kulaperry based on his worthwhile adventure in the fashion industry. Both parties sat together to depict the best image to suit and project the “Efya” brand. In short music met fashion. Fast-foward they decided to get it done for radio and TV tour.

Over the years, Kulaperry has

earned a reputation that swells like balloon, mastered the art of fashion styling, fashion designing, hence worked hand in hand with almost all the big wigs; from video directors, model, artists, etc in the creative industry. It’s has surely catapulted him beyond hype. According to Hassan Beiruthywho doubles as road and tour manager of Efya affirmed how he admires Kulaperry’s dynamic entrepreneurship skills, style, passion for fashion and work ethics.

Source: John Claude Tamakloe

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