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Edem pays courtesy visit to Her Excellency Alima Mahama during his stay in the USA

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at February 11, 2023



Edem, who has been in the state before the Grammy event, is still spending some time in the USA building networks and hanging out with family in the USA.


In a recent social media update, the artist posted his visit to the Ambassador of Ghana to the US, Her Excellency Alima Mahama, while in the US. Edem is one of the Ghanaian artists who doesn’t shy away from governance. His recent visit to the President of Ghana and now the Ambassador proves his deep affiliation and connection to the highest offices in Ghana’s government. 


Like some Ghanaian artists, Edem has built a reputable brand that appeals to younger and elite listeners. Representing the views of the Ghanaian youth in his songs, Edem seizes every opportunity he can to advance the conversation on improving and building a better future for the Ghanaian youth and the entertainment industry.

Edem, a high-class, business-minded artist from Ghana, represents the industry’s well-being during meetups like this. The artist was grateful for the meeting with Her Excellency Alima Mahama, who has the Ghanaian creative industry at heart.


While away, Edem hints at a new song for his fans and all music lovers to fully activate the year 2023 ahead of his much anticipated Edemfest. 


(Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu)

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