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Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Emerges Most Successful Big Brother Contestant 

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 21, 2020


When you ask Nigerians on the streets what they know Ebuka for, it is one of two things, either his extensive Agbada collection or Big Brother Naija. Not many know that Ebuka was a member of the first Big Brother Naija show that aired in 2006. Ebuka got into the House straight out of law school, which he completed in 2005. 

Ebuka was one of the more popular housemates of the season and was well on his way to winning, but he was soon evicted before he could even reach the finale stage. Ebuka and Katung Aduwak kicked it off right from the start, and it was either of them that was going home with the prize, according to the fans. It would seem Ebuka was kicked out of the house by Joseph Ada’s Fan Club (JFC), but Joe himself was evicted not long after Ebuka left. Ebuka lasted only 52 days- eight weeks in the House. Katung Aduwak,  Ebuka’s friend, finally emerged winner of Big Brother Naija 2006, claiming the $100,000 cash prize. The show at the time was hosted by Olisa Adibua and Michelle Dede. 


That could have been the last that was heard about Ebuka, like some of his housemates who literally disappeared after the show, including Joseph Ada, Ichemeta Ochoga, Nguveren Joan who all seem to have left the scene.  

Ebuka is a lawyer – not only did he graduate from a University, he went to Law School and was called into the Nigerian bar. After the show, Ebuka left the country to further his studies, bagging a Master of Laws Degree from the Washington College of Law in 2010. Before he left however, Ebuka hosted Friend or Foe on NTA for a while, the GLO Show and a couple of other shows before he left Nigeria. You might say he was preparing for his comeback. 

Now, when he’s not hosting Big Brother Naija, Ebuka hosts Rubbin’ Minds on Channels TV, a TV talk show for young Nigerians, where he has interviewed several prominent figures, he co-hosts several other shows on TV as well. He hosted The Spot with Zainab Balogun and Lamide Akintobi, which last aired in 2017, as well as Men’s Corner, a show on EbonyLife TV, Nigeria’s first all-male TV show. 

Ebuka returned to the Big Brother Naija scene in 2017, where he was the host of the show and has been host for the last three seasons. Ebuka’s big fame came with the return of the Big Brother Naija show, as there was a long 11 year break between the first and second season of the show. It would seem like it was a match made in heaven, with Ebuka seeming to wield so much influence on the show. Viewers even suspected that Ebuka might be calling shots on who gets evicted or who stays in the House. Ebuka had to clear the air that he was only a staff of the organizations that run the show. 

Apart from the Big Brother Naija show, Ebuka has his Agbadas working for him. There’s a whole section of the internet – a whole page of Google search that provides uninterrupted content dedicated to all things Ebuka and his series of Agbadas. 

In 2017, Ebuka stole the show at Banky and Adesuwa’s traditional wedding and broke the internet simultaneously with his Agbada. The look had Nigerians (both male and female) scrambling to their tailors, to recreate the same for them. Several “What I ordered vs What I got” moments online. The Agbada went viral, the designer Ugo Monye’s Instagram account exploded overnight, it was sensational!. And since then, Ebuka has not stopped teasing Nigerians with his looks, it is one of the highlights of the Big Brother Naija Eviction shows,  something to be looked forward to. 

It cannot be denied that Ebuka is one of the most visibly successful contestants of the Big Brother Naija ever. Based off hosting the show, Ebuka has sealed several endorsement deals and has made his mark. He has gone on to build a career for himself as a Media Personality in Nigeria, with a voice and opinion sought for.

Even though Ebuka did not win the Big Brother Naija show 14 years ago, he is definitely winning in life today. 

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