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Don’t stop challenging the status quo – Media General Boss, Beatrice Agyemang, urges women

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at March 5, 2021


Beatrice Agyemang Abbey - Group CEO, Media General (TV3)

The Group Chief Executive Officer of the Media General Group, Beatrice Agyemang, has urged women around the world to remain focused, strive to make an impact in their fields of endeavor and always challenge the status quo.

She made this call to mark this year’s International Women’s Day celebration which falls on Monday 8th March 2020. The distinguished media personality further sent best wishes to all women around the world making great strides.

Some people think challenging the status quo means becoming an anti-establishment rebel or constantly pointing out the flaws in your organization. However, challenging the status quo is something far more positive than negative and more exciting than intimidating. To start with, we need to focus on competence and how to develop ourselves in order to lead the change against the way things are done at the moment”, she emphasized.

The Leader of Ghana’s leading Media Company highlighted the need for women to build their capacities, enhance their skills and add value to themselves in order to perfectly fit into the fast changing world of business and also make an impact in their societies.

“Women are now getting opportunities which were non – existent to them in the past and we are now seeing women in areas which have always been male dominated. It is not about getting the roles, but most importantly, ensuring that we deliver whenever we  are given the opportunity. I can mention Nigerian economist Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala who was recently appointed to head the World Trade Organization, becoming the first woman and African to take on the role”, she further added.

The campaign theme for the 2021 International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge and the Media General Group throughout the month will be celebrating selected Ghanaian women making an impact. The group will also have special content across its radio, television and online platforms to champion the agenda to women empowerment.

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