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“Don’t sit on radio and talk rubbish about my Loom business” – Actress Vicky Zugah

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 20, 2019


Actress Vicky Zugah has hit out at critics who are bashing her for her posts about the trending money making scheme known as “Loom”.

The actress made several posts on her Facebook page claiming that the scheme known as Loom is not a scam as is being speculated and that she has tried it and is making profits.

In one of her posts she said, “Loom is real, don’t be deceived. Invest only 10 cedis and make 80 cedis  50 cedis and make 200 cedis. 

100 cedis make 400 cedis etc. Inbox for details now, thank me later. I’m still thanking nana Ama Asantewaa for the introduction. Girl I’m grateful wati

Unfortunately, the actress has come under some criticism because of her stance on Loom and has also replied all those criticising her for choosing to participate in the loom scheme.

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She wrote:

“If you don’t like my posts kindly and respectfully delete yourself from my friends list. I beg you paaa cos the next time you sit on radio to talk rubbish about my Loom post I will reply. I respect you doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you ooo me I don’t fear any human being but God Almighty so please let’s respect ourselves here. Delete your idle self sharp sharp from my list”

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