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DJ Wubete’s response to Shatta Wale’s new banger “Forgetti”. 

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Multimedia Group Ltd’s Dj Wubete in appreciation to Shatta Movement’s front liner, Shatta Wale for his newly released banger “Forgetti”, “ago do party and invite DJ Wubete” says a portion of the Shatta’s lyrics, he stated “I had an adrenaline rush in my system when I heard the song, I couldn’t believe my ears because I know for a fact, there are many Djs with large following, so for him to have mentioned my name in his song alone is a stepping stone, i really feel appreciated. Reasons been that people might have heard of my name couple of times since I’m obviously a DJ, yet they don’t  know the personality holding up the name. This is an opportunity to officially outdoor myself professionally. I’m pretty sure my hard work propagated Shatta Wale to mention my name in his song to flower me out for the world to know I have been around working for long, the hustle has paid off because I have journeyed through this profession for only God knows how long”. Thoughts will be racing down people’s mind as to why Shatta Wale constructed such lyrics, Wubeti says “he has worked with him for sometime, he thinks he is appreciating him for his work for him”. The song features Joint 77, Addi Self, Pope Skinny and Natty Lee.

Born Ishmael Baah, popularly known by his stage name “DJ Wubete”, is a stuff at Adom 106.3 Fm (Multimedia Group Ltd), he mostly plays on “Kasahare Level” with Pope Skinny. He has been working with Adom 106.3 FM for the past 7 years and still counting. DJ Wubete has survived 17 solid years in the disc jockey business. Because he was determined to win, just at the moment he felt like giving up on his dream, he developed a willpower to get in shape and do his best; he emotionalized with belief, honed the skill to become on top of his field, injected faith & effort into himself with self motivation, along the line he met Pope Skinny at Adom FM which was formerly located in Tema community 2, they exchanged contact, that was it – a whole new universe of opportunity unfolded to him.

Knowing well he has come a long way to become an agent of communication (DJ), he always wants to bring extraordinary things to life through djing, something different from other DJs.  When he is behind the turntable, he is unstoppable and untouchable, he feels great to be a DJ, gathering lots of experience, meeting people from all walks of life and the stardom that comes with it makes him want to work harder. His only challenge as a DJ is, many people have the perception Djs are illiterates, he believes that perception will soon be eradicated because most Djs are well educated.  Wrapping up, he thinks artist and DJ relationship in Ghana is good but needs to be strengthened.

By (John Claude Tamakloe)



Source: Beenie Words

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