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DJ Quest reacts to Hello Adipa VMA’s Nomination 2019

Follow @eventlabgh < Last year was great, aside from his busy schedules, DJ Quest still makes time for the music scene. The...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 26, 2019


Last year was great, aside from his busy schedules, DJ Quest still makes time for the music scene. The previous year saw him grasping two nomination slots at Volta Music Awards now Hello Adipa Volta Music Awards. This year will definitely be awesome since he has dully landed another nomination for his fans and himself in the BEST DJ/PROMOTER OF THE YEAR CATEGORY.


As DJ Quest turns 28 today, he is using is nomination as a thank you tag to show appreciation to every individual who has shown him much love since his emergence into the music business from radio shows, clubs, pub gigs and Tv plugs etc. for artistes.


His diligence as a unique promoter has already given an obvious clue to the masses as the young entrepreneur has scooped four verifications across the internet just in a year. DJ Quest is undoubtedly an efficient publicist to work with if any serious brand or products needs a voice.


Hello Adipa Volta Music Awards 2019, is an annual music festival organised in Ghana precisely Volta Region to celebrate some key figures in the region who are delving deep into their respective fields.


Despite the fact that, DJ Quest ticket for Online influencer was not captured as well in this year’s nominations he still urges everyone to be on the look for his dexterity and redefinition of an online influencer from now onwards, he expressed.


Upon receiving official notice from the Awards scheme, DJ Quest heed to his social media outlets to broadcast the information to his followers.


In order to Vote for him as the BEST DJ/PROMOTER OF THE YEAR, the steps are as follows:


DIAL *714*10*3073# OR  DIAL *714*10# and follow the TEXT prompt.

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