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DJ Mensah finally reveals why Sarkodie did not perform at One Africa Music Concert in Dubai

Follow @eventlabgh < There have been several reports as to why Sarkodie failed to perform at last week’s One Africa...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 22, 2017


There have been several reports as to why Sarkodie failed to perform at last week’s One Africa Music Concert in Dubai.

On the ‘Brunch 2 Lunch’ show on Radio Univers on Monday, , Sarkodie‘s official DJ who was present and witnessed the turn of events narrated the incident to John Acquaful, host of the show. DJ Mensah said:

“What happened was we were backstage and they came to inform us we will be going on after Tiwa Savage but we heard she had already been on the stage for a while. We then literally ran backstage since we knew we needed time to setup. We were then told to wait for Tekno to finish performing after Tiwa and then we will be on.”

“We hence decided to wait right behind the stage since it was a bit far to move from the holding area to the main stage. Tiwa Savage called Wizkid onto the stage in the latter stage of her performance even though that wasn’t part of the plan. It hence took a bit of time for both parties parties to switch bands but we decided to stay calm.”

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“I was prompted to go and set up as Tekno was almost done with his performance which I did. I later saw Davido’s DJ trying to force his way to the other side of the DJ set since there were two. I didn’t know and bother about what was going on since I had gotten the greenlight that we were going on stage right after Tekno. I was later told by Highest (Sarkodie) and Black Chana that, another mic was given to Davido after I had left the backstage.”

“I saw that happening because Tekno also tried repeating what Tiwa and Wizkid did but this time, Davido didn’t respond to Tekno’s call. They later said Davido should be allowed to perform because they were trying to let us close the show which they never communicated.”

“We just felt like we were being disrespected for rushing us from the holding area to the backstage and they were trying to put the Nigerian artistes first which we made it clear to them that if we don’t perform after Tekno, we will leave”.

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DJ Mensah further hinted that they might not perform at the subsequent event in Houston on December 3 hence said it will go at the cost of the event organisers but He further mentioned that the organisers have apologised and are pleading for the fastest rapper in Africa to perform at the subsequent concert

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