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Different Types Of Ghana Jollof Friends In Your Life Now

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 13, 2021


What’s friendship without the ups and downs, breakups and makeups, drama, arguments, periodic tears and all the happy moments that make it worth the while? Take a close look at your circle of friends, we can bet that they aren’t so different from what you see in Ghana Jollof, a Showmax original comedy series.

Here are 7 types of Ghana Jollof friends that are most likely present in your life right now.

1. The Emotional Blackmailer

As hilarious and kind as they can be, sometimes it is more honourable to wallow in your problems than to seek help from these friends. In most cases, they aren’t free from their own troubles but always have a solution to yours.

The moment you let them rescue you, you are forever indebted to them. Don’t be too surprised when in the future they remind you about how they got you to where you currently are. The provoking part is, it’s usually all fun and jokes to them but you aren’t finding it funny and can’t change the situation because according to Jasper, you should mind how you talk to your host else, you’ll find yourself back at the beginning.

2. The Rich Friend You Never Want To Offend

They are the ones who pay for your drinks at the club, throw lavish surprise parties to celebrate your wins, and are ever ready to swipe their bank cards once you make a request. This friend will do anything they can to make sure you look good for your date nights even if it means letting you borrow their clothes, car, and even cash.

However, the moment you step on their toes, you won’t know what hit you. In the twinkle of an eye, they will put you to shame. And if they are like Kweku who has no time for shenanigans, they’ll recall every single thing they ever gave you and give your friend the same job you’ve been struggling to secure, in a bid to spite you.

3. The Dependent Friend

People love these ones because they are usually fun to be with and always available. Based on how close you’ve become, they begin to depend on you for their needs and expect you to always be there for them.

Just like Romanus waxed lyrically to Kweku about how he wanted to have a luxury date with Mabel (Kweku’s ex-girlfriend), the dependent friend will always have huge plans and expect you to fund it.

If you are this type of friend in your circle, it must be quite hectic for you and you need to change your ways else you might find yourself in the mud soon.

4. The Relationship Fixer

Relationship fixers recover fast from heartbreak and nothing can make them stop believing in love. They are confident in their ability to get over their ex almost immediately after a breakup. On the other hand, they believe every relationship should be given another chance – well, except theirs.

That explains why Mabel in Ghana Jollof is able to have a new love interest in Romanus but never wants to hear about Kweku, her ex-lover. However, she is trying harder than the devil to get her friends, Juliet and Tony back together.

5. The Heartbroken Friend

They have closed their hearts to love following a disastrous heartbreak. The last thing they want to hear from their friend is how to mend their broken relationship or love again.

There’s very little you can tell them about love but they are usually excited about other people’s love stories. Juliet’s break up with Tony might have happened a long time ago but no matter how much he begs for another chance, she is over him (we all know she isn’t!)

6. The Oracle

They know it all and will argue with you until you are convinced that they are right. Mambo is that friend who can fix anything or advise you (wrongly) on how to handle situations. They are always just a call away but be sure to regret seeking their opinion at the end of the day.

7. The Agreeable Ones

Even when they know you are wrong, they still stand by you and make you look good in public. Trust them to give you a piece of their mind afterwards but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do whatever you suggest no matter how unfortunate the outcome might be.

After collecting 800 Ghana Cedis from Juliet, Boniface and Mambo were left by the roadside to fix her car since they had claimed to be mechanics. Boniface was sure Google couldn’t save the day but went ahead to execute Mambo’s instructions based on a video he had watched on the internet.

If you are this type of friend, you need to learn from Jasper and Romanus on how to win arguments or find a common ground.

It’s not too late to catch up with all the friendship and relationships drama going on in Ghana Jollof on Showmax. With #1200, you can become a Showmax subscriber and enjoy more comedy shows this season.

So let’s find out. Which Ghana Jollof friendship is your favourite?
1. Romanus, Kweku, and Jasper
2. Juliet and Mabel
3. Romanus and Jasper
4. Mambo and Boniface
5. Juliet and Tony

Leave your answer in the comments section below!

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