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Dede Ayew To Appear Before Parliament Over Black Stars’ Poor Performance At AFCON 2021

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After the announcement by Queen Elizabeth during her 70years Golden Jubilee about Camilla to be the next Queen, The UK is in a total chaos.

Many people went on twitter to express their “disgust” to the idea of having Prince Charles and Camilla as their monarch with the hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy.

Many is of the believe that, this is indeed the fall of the crown of the white people who took the crown from the native Black Moors of Britain.

The Moors is believed to be the ones who built Britain and Europe until the dark ages where they lost everything to the white Caucasians who invaded their land and made them slaves. The Moors then fled from Europe to North of Africa, later settled became the Mali Empire, Ghana Empire and was divided into other west African countries.

Atehene, also known as Kofi NINO holds the believe that he is the next future King of Britain. He has expressed with evidences about how history was told to Black people and that he is of the royal bloodline of the Native Black Kings of Britain.

Born in Ghana, Kofi Nino migrated to Britain in pursuit of his career as an opera singer until he felt the need to respond to his true identity as a Blackamoor.

He is building a community for Black people in the UK with the support of other Black investors as he believes that the “Year of Return, North  2022” is a major landmark spiritual journey for all Black people to come together and uplight each other through their various skill sets.

“The building of the walls of the North is important so we can have our own educational system, hospitals, affordable housing, media houses, shopping centers, judiciary system, fashion brands, theatres and a place of worship.

By doing so, we are able to create power within ourselves for our growth as a people.

For we shall be known as the Northern Gatekeepers.” Kofi Nino says…

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