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Date My Family Nigeria: Modern Day Match Making?

Follow @eventlabgh < In the days of our parents and grandparents, it was common practice for couples to go through...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 5, 2020


In the days of our parents and grandparents, it was common practice for couples to go through some form of matching making. Two fathers and in some cases, mothers too, decide to bring their families together as a great idea to unite and further consolidate the bond between both families. The children get married and the rest is history.

In our contemporary era, there are hook ups and introductions that take place daily. Friends introduce each other to their other friends; family members introduce members of their families that are single to other eligible bachelors and spinsters. Some of these relationships sometimes end up as happily ever after; which is oftentimes the main goal.

Now, Date My Family Nigeria is a reality dating show of a suitor/suitress who goes on a dinner date with 3 different families/friends of potential dates they are yet to meet and eventually must choose a date based on their experience with the date’s family members. This sure feels like some matching making situation. It’s as exciting as it can sometimes be unpredictable.

So, is this some modern-day type of match making practice? Do you prefer to meet the suitor/suitress way before you are ready to introduce him/her to your family? Are you ok with the said suitor/suitress going on a date with three different families to decide what his choice will be?

With five episodes done, Date My Family Nigeria is entertaining and eye opening. Don’t miss this 45-minute show, airing on Africa Magic Showcase, Sundays at 06:30pm (WAT) on Sundays with repeat episodes on Fridays, same channel at 5:30pm.

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