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Dancehall artiste, Adi Virgo parts way with Xtra Large Music?

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 27, 2019


Addi Virgo, a signee of Xtra Large Music parts ways with record label on basis of betrayal.

Recording artist, songwriter, dancehall and afrobeats sensation Adi Virgo has expressed displeasure about the hardship he has endured over the years under the record label he was signed to, Xtra Large Music. He took to his microblog (Facebook) to register his dissatisfaction relating to how he has unfairly be treated under supervision of Xtra Large Music, below is unfiltered message he shared;

“At this point I want to let my Fans and love ones know I am totally fed up and can’t continue working with my label Magichands Entertainment Anymore.. My formal label Manager Joshua Rafelson aka JMJ who signed me under xtralarge music I’ve really betrayed me.. Jmj signed me on his label xtralarge music in 2015 witnessed by my father Mr Clement Quintin Coffie it was a long term agreement with clauses I never bridged instead Jmj Abandoned me when Kaakie and Klem left the label and said nothing to me and my father.. He told his elder brother who runs a company called Magichands he don’t want to work with me anymore because he is not sure I will blow up after the numerous records I have recorded with him and songs I wrote for my label mates both Kaakie and the Klem.. I was not paid a dime from all my efforts which he promised to pay me.. I got a call from his elder brother mr bright Greene who told me he wants to continue working with me because he feels the projects where not properly promoted and planned so he want to take it from there and I agreed because Music is what I intended to do .. MagicHands have recorded and shot several videos like ( freaks , the list , 360 and one day ) and promoted my single Mbaa aswell which was produced by Posigee financed by MagicHands Entertainment ..From Last Year I Have been Deeply Depressed and Frustrated Due to low sales and diminishing effect All this I’m not taking the blame because I’m not part of the planning team mine is just Performing and writing which I’m really skilled and gifted with.. The Relationship I have with Mr Greene is a puppet master and a dictatorship kind.. I’ve endured several negative statements , harsh treatment and overall rejection from him not to come to his house anymore because that’s where I was living from 2018 to 2019 when he sent me out of his house in achimota to go back to the streets and don’t care .. Due to this my Relationship with My Parents and family is broken and I’ve been disowned by my parents .. I’m pleading with every industry player in Ghana to assist me get justice and my freedom so I can continue doing my music in Peace.. All the Finances will be paid to my label MagicHands Entertainment As soon as I start to make profits from my new projects which I’m ready to put out there in the market ..”

Written by: John Claude Tamakloe

Source: Beenie Words

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