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Dan Lartey challenges Mr. Logic for saying…”Not all Ghanaian Gospel Musicians are from God”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 13, 2019


Mr. Logic has been in the news and trending a lot this week both online and on radio. From back and forth conversations between him and Rapper Strongman, Ola Michael and now Dan Lartey.

Blogger cum pundit, Dan Lartey, has challenged the outspoken Reggae/Dancehall Veteran, Mr. Logic, for a ‘controversial’ statement he made on Happy 98.9fm, reportedly.

Dan Lartey pens an open letter to Mr. Logic with some key concerns. Below it reads;

Dear Mr. Logic,

I’ve been reminiscing about the pronouncement you made last Saturday 7th December, On Happy 98.9 FM’s Showbiz Xtra hosted by Dr. Cann. I still can’t fathom what attributed to your conclusion on


This statement with all due respect is of bad taste and disrespectful to Ghanaian gospel musicians both young and old not neglecting their patrons alike. To say they are not from God is a hypothetical question we both believe cannot be proven.
You often pride yourself with age and maturity but there are plethora of older and matured pundits who won’t jump the gun to lay unsubstantiated claims.

As industry purveyors, let’s refrain from derogatory statements in the bid to sound controversial with its associating clickbaits.

I really respect you, reasons why I didn’t argue too much on the show but if you keep talking with the quest to disrespect all genres with exception of seventh haven, Dancehall by
Calling all highlife musicians drunkards, your agenda will be questionable.

The ‘small’ boys of today you always look down upon will one day insult you in your face. This clearly without mincing words has generated to disrespect and name calling which is affecting your brand

You’re respected by some people in the media, so, please keep that reputation and don’t speak as if you know all.

Before you speak ill about gospel songs of our time, kindly take your time and listen to most of them. Maybe, I can help you by giving you a list:

  1. Diana Hamilton- Nsenkyerene Nyankopon
  2. Celestine Donkor – Agbebolo ft Gideon

  3. Joe Mettle- Mehia wo Yesu

  4. Joyce Blessing- Onyankopon

  5. Nacee- Mpaebo

  6. MOG – Be lifted

  7. Akesse Brempong- Heal our land

  8. Koda- Hossana

  9. Mama Boat- Hye me ma

10.Diana Hamilton- Mo ne yo

  1. Obaapa Christy – Wagye Me

And more …..
Note: These are 2018/2019 Songs

Kindly listen to them and tell me which of them is not spirit filled song or of good content?

Respect is Reciprocal.

Source: Beenie Words

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