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Cooking Hacks We Bet You Never Knew

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 25, 2018


Cooking can be time consuming and really annoying at times, especially when you’re not getting your desired result. So when next you encounter a cooking block, here are some cooking hacks that could save your life in the kitchen.

Spicy Food

apple cider vinegar

For too much spicy food, add three or four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to tone it down without taking the taste away.

Frozen Meat

frozen meat

I’m sure everyone hates having to wait for meat to defrost before using it. Adding salt to frozen meat helps defrost it faster.

Onions/Garlic Smell

onions and garlic

Sometimes, it’s really difficult doing away with onions or garlic smell. So, rub your hand against a stainless steel or steel sink to remove the smell easily.

Fresh or Bad Egg?

egg in water

Ever been in that situation where you broke a bad egg into your food? eww. To avoid this mistake, put them eggs in a bowl of water, the bad ones will float.

Boiling water

wooden spoon

Place a wooden spoon over the pot to stop it from spilling out.

Cutting onions

onions in water

Sick and tired of crying when cutting onions? Then soak the onions in a cold water before cutting.

Peeling ginger


Ginger roots can be so difficult to deal with at times because of the bumps and plenty corners it has. For easy peel, use a spoon to peel ginger faster and to avoid waste

Preserving eggs


Rub egg shells with vegetable oil before refrigerating as the oil will keep the eggs fresh for an additional 3 to 4 weeks.

Jollof rice

jollof rice

To stop your jollof rice from sticking together, reduce the flame to the lowest, cover it with foil and allow it steam.



To prevent your cake from getting stale, stick bread slices on the cut area. You can do it with the help of toothpicks.



To squeeze out more juice from lemons, first place them in warm water for 20 minutes or microwave them for 1 minute.

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