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‘Consequences’, new Ghanaian web-series to unravel in May

Follow @eventlabgh < The official release date for “Consequences” has been set. The first film to be written and directed...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 19, 2017


The official release date for “Consequences” has been set. The first film to be written and directed by Philip NeeWhang, a current level 200 student at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), is set to be released on 27th May, 2017 with a weekly episode release interval on YouTube; non-commercial.

Major appearances includes talents from Tertiary Institutions such as UPSA, GIJ, Zenith Uni. College, IPMC, among others. With approved soundtracks from Kirk Stephens and PressureBois’s CEO – KobbyStone.

The series revolves around five key characters – KNII 21, a naive level 200 tertiary student finds his life entangled with bad company when he realizes that his best friend REX 22, is not one to keep. With a bright outlook on life and his sole guardian; his mother, abroad, he gets influenced by Rex to make daring choices across thin lines. OPAABA SWEETY 20, finds her path crossed with Knii and Rex when she is forced to realize that her beloved boyfriend IKE 21, has been cheating on her with her best friend AISHA – a friend she shares all secrets with and calls family.”

“Consequences” is set to highlight the choices often made by tertiary students with its intrepid results often shared by many. Although the story is fictitious and not written to serve as a basis of generalization on Ghanaian youths, the web series is scheduled to be of an approximate length less than ten (10) minutes per episode, and aims to touch on the bold glamour of youthful lies, choices, secrets, deceptions and its seductive consequences.

“Consequences” is a collaborative work by a group of students from NAFTI and beyond, with the aim of getting a progressive hand on experience and exposure in the Ghanaian film industry and the world at large. The web series is being financed by two individuals one being a NAFTI student – Abdul Issah Rahman, a current level 400 student at NAFTI.

We entreat all individuals and the media to catch sight of the “Consequences” image and welcome any constructive feedback, criticism and reviews upon release of any future episodes including the already released first trailer. Any updates concerning the web series can be obtained and/or shared on our Facebook and Twitter with the handle @cqwebs and on Instagram: @cqwebz.

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