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Confusion over who composed ‘Onaapo’, Nacee reportedly bagged GHc140,000 for it

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) official campaign songs, ‘Onaapo’ is surely one of the most trending songs in Ghana at the moment, and it is therefore not shocking that there is confusion already about who composed it!

Renowned gospel musician, Nacee has claimed that he composed the song in a chat with Doctor Prekese on Bryt FM while up and coming musician Dee Aja, who performed the song is also claiming ownership in a recent interview with David Mawuli for

Dee Aja also claimed that he was not paid for his efforts in making the song, but according to the song was paid for by the NDC. Nacee was given an amount close to GHC140,000 for the ‘Onaapo’ track and four other songs made purposely for the NDC. According to the source, the money was meant for the promotion of the songs across the country. claims that Nacee made the songs with the intention of presenting them to the NDC and relied on his handlers, Prince Opoku (Ashis) and Frank Kwabena Owusu to engineer a way of getting the songs to the executives of the party.

A solid team that included Mel Kwasi Davis, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson (Bulldog) and Kendrick Yehowada of Bullhaus Entertainment, together with artist manager, Franklin Agyekum, was put together to help set up a meeting with some influential personalities within the party and make the presentation of the songs.

Bulldog and Kendrick were said to have spearheaded a meeting with some big wigs within the party who approved the use of the songs as official NDC campaign songs.

Ashis  said: “It is true that some amount of money was paid for the promotion of the song.”

Bulldog also says: “Monies were made available to Nacee and his management to push the song across the country and I was heavily involved in the promotion of the track across the regions.”

Mel Kwasi Davis also confirmed that some amount of money was indeed given, and also made some revelation on who actually composed the ‘Onaapo’ song.

“Money was given for logistics to help propagate the song across the country.”

On the ensuing confusion on who composed the song, Mel asserted – “Nacee composed all the songs, from start to finish. Dee Aja has no claim to the song.”

Nacee also said: “I was not given any money for the promotion of the song. What they (the NDC) gave me was money to cover the cost of the production of the ‘Onaapo’ song plus other songs, commercials, videos and other related activities. The bit about promotion was handled by another team. Dee Aja is my boy, and just like I have provided the platform for many others, I used the song to project him, but I composed the song.”

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