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Caveman Watches enters mainstream America, with major spotlight on CEO, Anthony Dzamefe, in The New York Times

Follow @eventlabgh < Like in most thriving businesses across the world, The African wristwatch manufacturing company, Caveman Watches May have...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 30, 2019


Like in most thriving businesses across the world, The African wristwatch manufacturing company, Caveman Watches May have faced challenges but keeps defying the odds and taking giant steps into the global business market.

The first Ghanaian owned watch company appears to be breaking through the glass ceiling that is faced by many Ghanaian businesses.

According to the CEO of the watch manufacturing company, Mr. Anthony Dzamefe, who was recently adjudged the technology and innovation entrepreneur of the year at the Ghana Forty Under 40 awards program earlier this month said, Caveman Watches  experienced  the highest traffic to its platforms over the past weeks and won several corporate contracts which goes to prove that finally Africans are supporting our own.

When asked how he feels about this huge accomplishment, he replied, “I don’t think I deserve the praise solely for this accomplishment. Ghanaians have held this brand as their own and continue to support us.

I feel more like the brand belongs to everyone of us not just me. They stay behind us in both good and bad times and i can surely say that one day we will celebrate and say we did it collectively “

Speaking further, he averred “Caveman Watches has grown to become very more focused on the global target”. With the latest milestone chalked by Caveman Watches confirming the global reach of the brand in such a short time.

The brand and its CEO were featured in an article in the New York Times, arguably the most wide read new publication in the world.

The article titled; “Design Attracts Africa’s Young Watch Entrepreneurs”, featured designers from South Africa and Ghana with Caveman being the only company from Ghana featured.

The article focused on the Blue Volta which incorporates the River Volta, one of the most iconic lakes in Ghana into its design and also the yet to be released ‘Sika’ which in Akan means money.

Caveman, already a growing Ghanaian brand, now has evolved into an African business asset and as their slogan goes, it looks like “THE CAVEMAN WILL BE REMEMBERED”.

(Source: New York Times)

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