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Burna Boy says nobody should include him in the #EndSars Campaign

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 2, 2019


Burna Boy says he is not joining the #EndSARS campaign for a number of reasons.

The music star in a post via his Instagram page on Monday, April 1, 2019, said he is not going to be part of the #EndSARS campaign until Nigerians are actually ready to fight the police.

“This may be too much for many of you to understand. But until we are really ready to fight SARS and the power that be, and I’m not talking about any protest or aimless marching, I mean really fight.

“Nobody should include me in any #EndSARS hashtag because you are wasting my time and yours.

“Until then let us pray that our time to die in the hands of SARS never comes. We are all Pussys. RIP to all those who have died unjustly in the hands of SARS,” he wrote.

Burna Boy might have been blunt with his approach on this trending topic but some other celebrities like Adesua Etomi, they have questioned how many innocent Nigerians will continue to lose their lives to the men of the Nigeria Police Force.

The award-winning actress made her frustrations known via her Instagram page on Monday, April 1, 2019. In her lengthy post, the actress expressed her disappointment over the conduct of the police in the country and they have continued to cut short the lives of innocent young Nigerians.

“I am SO SICK of the abuse of power by SARS. I am SO SICK of a government that turns deaf ears to the cries of its people. HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE before something is done about this nonsense? Every other day, we hear stories of how citizens are beaten, killed, robbed, kidnapped by SARS. If a tree is producing rotten fruit, CUT IT DOWN.

“This is Kolade. His only crime was watching football. That was all he was doing when a stray bullet hit him yesterday. A bullet fired by a SARS official. They fled the scene btw. So who do we hold responsible? He has a son who now has to grow up without a father, all because some idiot was trigger happy. P.s I didn’t know Kolade. This could have been anyone. #EndSars #justiceforkola #thishastostop,” she wrote.

Adesua Etomi’s post came barely 24 hours after the news of a young Nigeria, Kolade passed away after a stray bullet from the men of  Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) hit him.

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