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Budding act, Lady Jay, drops “Freedom”

Follow @eventlabgh < Lady Jay is back and this time she is giving us a timeless classic! Check out the...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 4, 2019


Lady Jay is back and this time she is giving us a timeless classic! Check out the release of her latest single and music video “Freedom”. It’s a very inspiring song about how we need to see the light through dark times and evolve ourselves to have freedom in our lives. It is a powerful message that is targeted to people of all ages, genders, religions, colors and nationalities. The video was shot by Wahala Entertainment in the eastern region of Ghana in a picturesque setting. The video has a beautiful message that can be seen through different symbolisms and can be relatable to many events in Ghana today and throughout history.

Wahala Entertainment signed Lady Jay last year after she returned from Canada where she studied music business. Since then she released two singles and music videos titled “We Tried” featuring Ria Boss and “Let Me” featuring SSUE. She has also been working on her famous live music show “Magic Dream” held at Zen Garden a few times a year. Look out for her upcoming show “Magic Dream Freedom Concert” live Saturday June 15 at Zen Garden in Labone, it is said to be one of the biggest events of the year!

Freedom premiered on 4SYTE TV on Friday, followed by its official release in Ghana on June 1st.

The international release on iTunes, Spotify and all stores will be on June 8th. During the premieres exclusive interview with Lady Jay, she talks about her upcoming projects one of which is titled “This is Africa”. It is said to be an anthem to all African people and is a song that she holds very close to her heart.

“This is Africa” is set for release later this year and is going to be the biggest project both Wahala Entertainment and Lady Jay have ever worked on. Follow Lady Jay now on instagram or twitter @LadyJayLives or on Facebook @LadyJayOFFICIAL.

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