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Bride-to-be accuses Nigerian designer, Maryam Elisha of scam & delaying her wedding

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 13, 2017


Rikaoto by ME wedding dress scamA wedding day is one of the biggest events in the lives of most ladies and they go to all extents to make the day a memorable one. From picking the right dress to whom to invite, details and timing is often of the essence.

For one soon to be bride, her dream wedding looks troubled, as the dress she ordered for her big day hasn’t arrived days to her wedding.

She claims that she ordered a wedding dress from Maryam Elisha (Rikaoto by ME), a popular Nigerian fashion designer on Instagram, but she never received her dress.

According to her, she sent Maryam Elisha $600 for the dress and later sent another $50 , which the designer requested as  a charge for shipping.

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In spite of making payments via a Bank of America transaction to the designer, the bride-to-be has not received her dress. After pushing for the designer to send the dress, the bride-to-be rather got blocked on Instagram and Facebook by the designer.

Out of desperation, the bride-to-be has shared details of her dealings with the designer with hopes that she can find answers or at least get her money back.

According to wikipedia, Maryam Elisha (born Maryam Rikoto Elisha) is a Nigerian model, beauty queen, and fashion designer. She founded the Rikaoto by ME fashion brand in 2009, two years after being crowned Miss Valentine.  Elisha was also named one of the 20 most influential pageant personalities in Nigeria.

Elisha is from Kebbi state but was born in Kano state to a now retired police officer father and a businesswoman mother. She had her primary and secondary school education in Kano state before relocating to Lagos state to study English Language at the University of Lagos. After graduating from the university, she proceeded to the New Jersey Fashion School, in the United States, where she trained for eight months in fashion designing.

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