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BOOK: ‘Control Your Own Destiny’ – the philosophy of a 20-year old university dropout

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Sircle Communications (Sirclecomm) is a start-up writing firm based in Sekondi-Takoradi. It was founded by Allan K. Buah, popularly known as Sir Article, who serves as the Founder and CEO. Our primary purpose is to provide a variety of tailor-made writing services for the general public. That is why our slogan or motto states that, “Writing is serious business.” 

And pursuant to our mission statement, we officially release Sir Article’s first book. “Our mission is to meet knowledge needs, build brands and impact souls.” That is why Sir Article authored “Control Your Own Destiny (The Philosophy of a 20-Year-Old University Dropout)” to empower young people to take absolute control of their own destiny.

This is a rare motivational book which was inspired by God as a sacred and powerful message to the youths through Sir Article under Sircle Communications. The half-a-hundred page handy book was written based on Sir Article’s first-hand experience regarding controlling one’s own destiny. He dropped out of university in order to control his own destiny by pursuing his lifelong passion to the full. There are 21 chapters in this book which consist of principles in the form of a piece of writing each.

An excerpt of ‘Control Your Own Destiny’ is as follows, “In Ghana, and African continent at large, most people have relinquished their destiny to their families, the society and even politicians. Such naive folks have failed to control their own destiny mostly out of fear, intimidation and untoward issues of life…” (Introduction).

Moreover, we have really struggled to finally publish this life-changing book after 9 months of conceiving this book project. So we entreat all Ghanaians, especially our dear youths, to embrace it. Also, the details of the book launch will be out very soon. Thank you.

Sircle Communications is a start-up writing firm owned and managed by Sir Article.


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