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Bobrisky Goes for HIV Test, Shares Result on Snapchat

Follow @eventlabgh < Bobrisky went to the Doctor’s today and he made sure to bring his fans along. The controversial...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 5, 2018


Bobrisky went to the Doctor’s today and he made sure to bring his fans along.

The controversial cross-dresser went in for a blood test, he says he comes in every 3 months to check himself and also check his HIV status, even though he is sure he is negative.

“I came to see my Doctor, I usually check myself every three month. I came for my HIV test too. About he HIV i’m sure i’m negative cos i’m not really the s-x type”, Bobrisky explained to his fans.

He shared photos of the Doctor taking his blood samples and when the results finally came out, he was negative.

“Yaaaaaaay, I don’t sleep around. i only have s-x with my bae, no one else”, He wrote.

Bobrisky made headlines some weeks back when it was reported that he was deported from the UK. Allegations he has since denied

The cross-dresser stressed that he was neither deported nor banned from entering the United Kingdom as it was being bandied around.

Bobrisky further alleged that someone had went ahead of his arrival in the country to snitch on him that he is visiting the country for an event to make him more money.

“I want to say a very big thank you to all my Uk fans who really want to see me badly. I know some of u have got true love for me but trust me it hurt me that I cried dis morning because I was not able to see people who truly loved me and appreciate me. As for the haters who think I was deported or banned from entering the UK that is a fat lie.

“I was only asked to go get the right visa. U all forgot so soon that I’m a strong soul, nothing can break me .And as for the SNITCH who went to tell the immigration I’m coming to work so sad u are pained that u can see me grow in success. Let me correct ur impressions darling we know u but i won’t mention ur name I went to Uk to relax and enjoy myself not to make money.

“I make nothing less than 1million a month in my country, I became so famous in my county, Snapchat pay me in my country so tell me why I won’t love my country NIGERIA ??. Out of dis money I make monthly I still help the needs who need my help.

“UK immigration treated me awesome because they went through my past record of all the country I have visited for the past few years and there was no BAD record. So nothing still change my coming to Uk ??. I came home voluntarily to get the right visa I’m coming Uk lovers,” he wrote in a statement.

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