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BlackStar SR Entertainment introduces Paris-based Ghanaian Rapper, TightFist with new single “Guidance”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at September 4, 2018


BlackStar SR Entertainment is elated to officially launch a new single from an internationally versatile Ghanaian born Artist living in Paris for the Ghanaian, Africa and the world’s market at large. Imoro

Andani Junior ‘TightFist’ grew up in Ghana, Accra (East Legon) but was born in Tamale on September 29th, 1992, with a strong interest in playing soccer. This propelled him to relocate to Europe at age 16 to start his football career in France a few years before moving to Germany where he pursued his football career for about 3 to 4 years.

TightFist – Guidance (Prod. by @kammusic & @vincentzorg) [Download]

Aside being assiduous with his feet to play football, “TightFist”has always been musically inclined and had the passion and talent to do music but preferred to play soccer as at the time it was his first love amongst his catalogue of God given talents. But as the saying goes, unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration, that’s when wonderful things can be achieved. His friends saw the musical side of him, so they told him about his brawny talent to do music, because he was mostly free-styling and making beats on his laptop in school (Morning Star and Galaxy International School, Ghana) with his friends at the library when he was growing up!

Before moving to Europe to play football, “TightFist” was already writing his own raps at age 14 and recording in studios. So whiles playing football in Europe (Germany), he decided to spend some free time in the studio and ended up releasing a few freestyles which brought interest and demand. This impelled him to drop his first single “Number One” which exploded like a time bomb with no or little promo. From that explosion, he started getting opportunities in music, endorsements, shows which cameto him very easy and still appears to be very easy! Since “Easy does It”, he said to himself he wants to pursue music since it ispassion driven and a God given talent.

That has been the Genesis of the whole “TightFist” Journey. To him, the past cannot be changed, but the future is yet in his power, so he is back with a new one titled “Guidance – TightFist Prod. @kammusic mixed and mastered by @vincentzorg”. According to him, he wrote this particular song in his last month of hospitalization. He spent close to 7 months in the hospital, thus from Early November 2017 till the end of May 2018. “TightFist”never expected to be released without being handicapped because he was living with one Lung. At a point, he thought he was going to lose his life but to the glory of God, he left the hospital untouched.

“Guidance” released internationally on Friday 31-08-18 is also set to be release in Ghana and Africa on the 3rd of September, 2018! The song would be available on all blogs and local distribution channels in #Ghana #France #Germany #London #SouthAfrica#Nigeria # Tanzania!. “TightFist” together with his management team in Ghana and Africa (BlackStar SR Entertainment) would like to entreat everyone to download the song once it drops because although his strongest genre is hiphop, he is very versatile and unique and this song is very relative and goes to motivate and encourage anyone who is going or has gone through any hard times, it tells you never to give up because the tables could turn anytime if you just believe in the almighty!

The young talent is already established in Paris and Europe and making waves so he is back to his homeland to show Ghana,Africa and the world what he is made of when it comes to hismusic, the wealth of his voice, lyrics and also to bless the nation with his euphonious songs. For more information and new updates on the works of “TightFist” please follow@tightfist_official on all social media pages IG, TW, FB and soundcloud. Get the new single Hot!!!

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