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Black Star International Film Festival Holds Symposium Focused on Ghana’s Ailing Film Industry and The Healthier Way Forward

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 27, 2018


Ghana’s film industry used to be a benchmark for other African countries. We were passionately committed to getting to the apex of the film chain with the kind of quality productions that were carried in the past. Cinemas were filled with lovers of the industry who were yearning for more.

But, in the past couple of years, the pendulum swang in favour of films that were made using the local dialect birthing new industry christened ‘Kumawood’ within an industry. Unfortunately, things have changed again, the once vibrant and best-selling films from both English and local dialect based are no longer doing well on the market. Producers are complaining of low patronage at the cinemas and on the ground of low sales.

All around the world, film festivals like Cannes, Sundance to mention but a few are various media used by industry experts to exhibit their works and also seek for the approvals and signatures of investors for bigger productions and distributions. Hence, Black Star Film Festival was formed also formed by Ghanaian actress, Juliet Asante and her partners to pivotally pinpoint important issues confronting the Ghanaian film industry and the simplest way forward.

Furthermore, aside from investment, gender-related productions, the effort of local television stations in rejuvenating the industry were all discussed at the Black Star International Film Festival at the African Regent Hotel, Accra on June 21, 2018. Former deputy minister of Tourism, Arts and culture, Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie, film director and producer, Peter Sedufia, and life coach and entrepreneur, Nana Y.S Sarpong were on the panel for the night, they broke down various problems (like lack of investment, low patronage of films, poor storylines and more) that are facing the industry to the needed solutions that must be yearned for.

With the aim of creating a global connection through the film by bridging the gap between African cinema and the world, The symposium is the preliminary stage ahead of the main festivities in August.

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