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‘Beyond The Return’ Agenda – Son and Grandson of Reggae Legend, John Holt, set their eyes on a major return to Ghana

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The year 2019 in Ghana didn’t only get the global spotlight as a very historic year in Africa’s modern history, but as well opened the heaven gates for Africans in the diaspora to repatriate.

Afronation, Afrochella, Detty Rave – 3 of the biggest events held in December last year has become very key reasons for diasporeans to do a pilgrimage or return back home. Other affiliate events in lieu with the “Year Of Return” agenda to mark the 400 year African Slavery commemoration in Ghana brought to bare our rich tourism, strong heritage and more importantly the business opportunities Ghana offers the world beyond in its hospitable and peaceful embrace.

It is on this premise that The Holt Family (Junior Holt and Bamm Holt – son and grandson of the Legendary Reggae Singer, John Kenneth Holt) have set their eyes keenly on Ghana to make a return.

Year 2020 which was supposed to be an extension of the “Year Of Return” was dubbed “Beyond The Return” by the Ghanaian Government as well as the Ghana Tourist Authority. Unfortunately, the global pandemic this year truncated plans and other activities captured for this year’s, thus, couldn’t make Junior Holt and his son, Bamm Holt’s entry into Ghana. Nonetheless, they are still very optimistic about coming to Ghana, hopefully in the year 2021.

Coming from a Family of Music, Junior Holt and Bamm Holt are also into music and have started making inroads before they step foot in Ghana. For the past one month, King Lagazee, multiple award winning Reggae/Dancehall Selector on Hitz 103.9fm have been playing their music back to back on the airwaves. Without boring you with too much words, take a read through their biography, respectively and get to know them more before the step foot on the Motherland.

About – Junior Holt

Junior Holt, born Garth Holt, is the son of Reggae Legend John Holt and Yvonne Leslie. Junior was born in the Maxfield Ave area of Kingston 13 and then moved to the country side of Jamaica with his Grandma Leslie at age 7. He attended the Maud Mack School in Westmoreland then moved back to Kingston at age 13, where he went to the Tarrant Secondary.

Junior started to sing at age 15 but not on a professional level. His main inspiration was his Father and then Dennis Brown. It was the year 1988 at the time he went to Spanish Town to live with his mom. Shortly after he was then introduced to DJ Hammer Mouth­Chronicle and Gary Minott who had the inexperienced artist sing on dubplates and sound systems such as, City Rock, Strike Force, Turbo Crown, Impression Disco, and the big champion sound, Killaman Jaro.

Junior Holt’s name start to ring an alarm in St. Catherine Jamaica. The young Holt started to gain more confidence in the music so it was time to hit the road to Kingston. He was introduced by his Mom to producer Ski High from Tuff Gong, who recorded three singles with the young singer. They were released in 1988 and did well in Europe. He was working at the Epiphany night club in New Kingston every Thursday night, under the supervision of Bobsie Grange.

He was doing opening acts for Tony Rebel, Mighty Diamonds and Jack Radics. In the year 1993, he ran into Youth Promotion Producer Lincoln (Sugar) Minott, who recorded 2 singles from the artist and released them in Europe. In that same year Junior came across DJ Skullman, who also recorded 2 singles with the young singer. Those 2 tunes did well on the local scene and earned the singer the privilege to perform on Border Clash 93, which was the singer’s first major show.

In 1994, Junior Holt was introduced to Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley from Tuff Gong Records, by singer Anthony Mattai. The singer was soon signed and started to work on tracks with musical wiz, Handel Tucker. Soon after he was introduced to Singing Canary Sanchez and gained more popularity singing on the champion sound Sexilus which is also owned by Sanchez, which played every Wednesday night at StandPipe Kingston Jamaica. That was a place where you would find most artist hanging out.

In 1995 Junior migrated to the United States, where he was introduced to Sir Coxone Dodd by Ansel Meditations. He recorded 5 singles for the Studio One label and by February 1996, “Still In Love with You”, was released in NYC and getting regular rotation on the airwaves. In 1996 Junior moved to Connecticut and met Richie Calbut Mcpherson, and recorded a few singles that were getting regular rotation on the local radio stations. In the year 2000 Junior Holt teamed with Richie Calbut and put a 5-piece band together which was called the Calbut Band.

The band lead singer which was Junior Holt all did well with shows all over Connecticut and some boroughs in New York city. In 1997 Junior Holt and ace DJ Mellow under the guidance of Valri Dotty Allen, entered the Apollo Theatre in Harlem NYC with the hit song, “Sipping Champagne.”

They both came out a winner and the song was released in Hartford, CT. Junior Holt then met up with King Benj­I, owner of Tronic One Records. They immediately went into production on his new album called ‘Good Vibes”. Everyone who hears the album says it is going to be a # 1 seller. Junior Holt is now currently recording with Wattage Label under the leadership of Courtney Johnson who is also Ceo for the company.

Recording Artist Don Fyah Wyah Hines also plays a great role in the Artiste Career as his road manager by earning the singer a few reputable shows down in the western side of USA. Junior Holt plans for the future is to continue his father’s works by singing good music and still set the trend his father did. You will be hearing from Junior Holt.

About Bamm Holt

Born In Spanish Town Jamaica, Son Of Junior Holt and Shawn Campbell.  28 Years of age I introduce you to Bamm Holt. Being the grandson of Legendary Reggae singer John Holt, Bamm has always been influenced by music since he can remember. He recalls singing on his Uncle’s homemade sound at the age 6 at a time when sounds use to clash.

The musical element of Reggae, Dancehall, and soft rap are the tools that helps create his own unique sound. Being brought up in Brooklyn New York is where he developed a love for Hiphop.

While in the process of releasing his first EP at a time when new sounds are being discovered, he intends to make his own path in the music industry while still keeping the Holt legacy alive.

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