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BET Showcases Africa, 53 Extra and more on DStv this week

Follow @eventlabgh < There is plenty entertainment on DStv this week…here are the highlights: Africa Magic Showcase DStv Channel 151...



There is plenty entertainment on DStv this week…here are the highlights:

Africa Magic Showcase DStv Channel 151

Duplicity: 7:00pm


The Series, is a Political Drama set to take the African Television audience through a Maze of Power Play, Lust, betrayal, and dark secrets going back many generations. It explores Nigeria’s diverse cultures in a way no other TV series has, since the golden age of drama ended in the early 80’s. The story see’s some of Nigeria’s most talent actors deliver an elevated version of their craft through the apt delivery of their individual characters.


53 Extra: Monday at 7:30pm


It’s an extra special episode of 53 Extra every week. Catch Sika Osei as she interviews all your favourite artistes and entertainment personalities on 53 Extra.

BET DStv Channel 129

Afripedia: BET Showcases Africa on DStv


Every Tuesday at 5.30 pm on DStv, BET Channel 129 showcases Africa on its program, Afripedia.

This vibey, five-part documentary promotes a new generation of storytellers. From artists like kuduro superstar Titica and wordsmith genius Nástio Mosquito to producer MC Sacerdote and 3D animator Andrew Kaggia.  The series showcases the leading trends in art, design, videos, photography, fashion, music and contemporary culture across the African continent from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa to Senegal and Kenya


Music Moguls: Fridays at 7: 30pm


Delve into the lives of Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, Bridman and Damon Dash to see what makes these music moguls tick. From their business and personal lives to romance, this series reveals the secrets to these hip-hop icons’ success. Airs on Fridays at 19: 30 CAT.

Nick Jr DStv Channel 307

Shimmer and Shine: Thursday from 7 July at 5:35pm


Go on a magic carpet ride with genie sisters, Shimmer and Shine, and their BFF human friend, Leah. In these all-new episodes, the genies try their best to make Leah’s life easier but some of the wishes they grant go awry. It is non-stop action as the trio picks up the pieces and tries hiding the magic from Zac, Leah’s neighbour. Don’t miss this charming animated series, which has just been renewed for a second season.Tune in every Thursday from 7 July at 19:35 CAT

Little Charmers: 11 July at 1:30pm


With a flick of their magic wands, friends Hazel, Lavender and Poise add a little sparkle to their lives. They may not make perfect magic all the time but they have a lot of fun doing it. Let them lighten up your life with these new episodes, where everything they touch, turns to “charmazing”. Catch them every Monday from 11 July at 15:30 CAT

SuperSport 3  DStv Channel 223

Euro 2016: SF1 – Portugal v Wales Wed 6 Jul at 6:50pm


UEFA Euro 2016. Semi Final 1: Portugal v Wales from Stade de Lyon – Lyon, France. LIVE

Enhance your viewing pleasure by enjoying the game in high-definition on the DStv Explora.

Trace Urban DStv Channel 325

Focus – Chris Brown: Saturday 9 July at 12:00pm


A few months ago, Chris Brown made headlines when he was thrown off a private jet for smoking marijuana – let’s hope they gave him a parachute. With his hotly anticipated new album Heartbreak on a Full Moon on its way, Focus presents 60 minutes of Chris Brown! Catch himSaturday 9 July at 14:00 CAT

E! DStv Channel 124

Famously Single: Tuesdays at 7:00pm


Fame and fortune may come with a lot of privileges – but the guarantee of a successful dating life isn’t one of them. In this brand new series, E! uncovers the fascinating romantic lives of eight Hollywood celebrities, who are forced to live together in a Los Angeles loft. Follow the celebs as they go through a series of group exercises, one-on-one sessions and real dates and get an intimate look at the stars’ emotional journeys as they challenge each other and learn how to find love. Continues on Tuesdays at 21:00 CAT.

Disney Channel DStv Channel 303

Alex & Co: 7 July at 3:25pm


Alex’s parents announce that he will have to move to America! Alex isn’t happy about this at all, and together with Joe and his friends tries his best to stay. Watch these adventures on Disney Channel as part of Thank Disney It’s Thursday from the 7 July at 17:25 CAT!

Zee World DStv Channel 166

The Urban Cook: from 11 July at 17:00 CAT



The Urban Cook, life in a big city unravels at a frenetic pace. You can order out, but doing so regularly takes a toll on both your health and pocket. The Urban Cook is the solution to your everyday cooking dilemmas. Chef Saby, who understands the snags of fast-paced life, brings you a range of recipes designed to suit your lifestyle. He will show you how to handle new age kitchen equipment and stock up your house and fridge for some sumptuous one pot meals. Tune in every Monday from 11 July at 17:00 CAT

ITV Choice DStv Channel (123)

Together: 11 July at 7:00pm




A new single-camera comedy by critically acclaimed performer Jonny Sweet, centering around two young people in the early, fragile stages of a new relationship. Each episode focuses on their next step, viewed through the interferences, obstructions and general disasters wrought by their family and friends. Shot in and around London in summer 2015, Together sets Tom and Ellen’s evolving relationship against a backdrop of a chaotic and breathtakingly beautiful capital city. Catch them Mondays starting 11 July at 21:00 CAT.

Boomerang DStv Channel 302

Zig & Sharko ( Brand New Episodes): every weekday at 12:45pm


The epic duel between Zig the Hyena and Sharko the Shark is far from over. Prepare yourselves for more hilarious confrontations between two unlikely rivals over the affection of Marina, the mermaid of the lagoon, Sharko may be strong and brave, but Zig has many tricks up his sleeve. Will he finally manage to reach her? Tune every weekday at 14:45 CAT in to find out!

Telemundo DStv Channel 118

Under The Same Sky: every weekday at 3.10pm


Juana battles depression as the police try to track down Rodrigo. Meanwhile, Carlos

accompanies Luis to his high school graduation. The Martinez family are going all out to stop Colmillo. Greicy has a heart-to-heart with Adela, and Carlos helps Rodrigo. Suarez tries to trap Carlos and Adela. Meanwhile, Rudolfo finds himself in a fight with Jacob. Santiago hopes to win the heart of Juanita. Tune in every weekday at 17.10 CAT.

Comedy Central DStv Channel 122

Jimmy Carr: Comedian: 11 July 7:00pm


My girlfriend said she wanted me to tease her, so I said: “Alright, fatty”. That’s just a taste of what’s to come from British comedian, Jimmy Carr. He gets way more offensive, punny and in your face with his stand-up routines, so if that’s right up your alley, then this special is a must-watch! See him take to the stage to push boundaries and most likely cross the line, all in the name of getting a few laughs out of his audience. Airs on 11 July 21:00 CAT.

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