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Benabi Discovery Officially Launched In Accra, British Council.

Follow @eventlabgh Benabi Discovery officially launched their foundation at the British Council in Accra, Liberia Road on Wednesday 17th December…

By Eventlabgh , in News , at March 18, 2019

Benabi Discovery officially launched their foundation at the British Council in Accra, Liberia Road on Wednesday 17th December 2018


Self-driven, passionate and creative youngsters who pick up pieces to build a fortune. A foundation that gives the unfortunate and vulnerable people the platform to tell their stories to the world. Merging journal, touring and charity to make good things happen in Africa.

Benabi Discovery officially launched at the British Council in Accra, Liberia Road on Wednesday 17th December 2018. The launch was to unveil the purpose and to premiere their first documentary. Subscribe to watch – https://goo.gl/nQUZ9U

The foundation, made up of young and creative individuals supports with their God given talent in the field of cinematography, photography, sound production, journalism and tourism to embark on worthy causes.

Benabi Discovery launch was hosted by Ghana’s female corporate MC, Karley Mettle. The launch saw the likes of Former Golden Tulip Hotel Manager and founder of Adville Hotel and Resort, Mr. Sam Obiri Aduama who graced the occasion. Also, ace blogger Felix Adomako Mensah popularly known as Zion Felix came through to support. Watch The Launch here

Speaking at the launch, Benabi Discovery is prior to release series of documentaries that tells story of activities happening on the streets, social related problems, the lives of others that will educate us on social issues, create awareness of our surroundings, inform concerned individuals, government, organizations and corporate entities worldwide and devise solutions to them. Watch Abandoned Homeless Kids in Ghana – Africa here

Benabi is a surname used worldwide that represents compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty and a love for domestic life. Discover to recover as a slogan defines telling stories through charity or charity through story telling. The meaning of life is to find our gift. The purpose of life is to give it away because happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give for it is what we give shows what we receive. Watch Discover to Recover Comprehensive Video here

Life gives you back what you give to others, putting smiles on the faces of the less privilege, Benabi Discovery primary focus is on Education. Education reduces poverty, gives opportunities and prevent diseases. Other focus charities are Children & Youth, Housing & Homelessness, Disabilities & Diseases, Health & Medical, International Relations, Fundraising, Travel & Hospitality. Watch Abandoned Homeless Kids in Ghana – Africa Discover 2 here

The future belongs to the youth but the young was once a child and the child grew up as a baby. This defines transformation and growth. Children play a very important role in our society, there is a need for them to be properly catered for. Benabi Discovery is open to receive interns, supports, volunteers, donors and charities. Watch Discover Agona Swedru (Full Documentary) here

Visit: www.BenabiDiscovery.org | email: info@benabidiscovery.org

Visit Hub: Spintex Rd, 427 Worship Curve, Accra, GH| Tel: +233 (0) 20 910 5664

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