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“Before you compare Davido to Wizkid, tell Davido to perform with a live band”

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 2, 2017


It is becoming nauseating seeing social media fans always looking for a way to bring in Davido whenever news of Wizkid achieving a new feat is trending. Both guys are good and talented but we have to consider many things before we can say who is best among them.

Nigerian music today is fast moving from when lip-syncing was the order of the day. Then, all a musician had to do was jump around the stage with their microphone off half the time while a DJ plays his music for him to lip-sync to. That is gradually changing now.

The reason why Wizkid’s Royal Albert Hall Concert was a major trend worldwide is simply because he did the extraordinary, something unusual of himself. Apart from the show being sold out, he performed with a live band without showing fatigue or singing off key. This is similar to what Fela, Bob Marley, King Sunny Ade etc all did.

If any Nigerian Artiste will win a Grammy award, that Artiste will have to perform with a live band multiple times.

It’s when you succeed in doing such that you can be considered for an award or even to perform at the Grammies right in front of the creme de la creme of music worldwide.

With the successful live performance at the Royal Albert Hall Concert, what fans should expect henceforth is a new legendary Wizkid. Any Artiste compared to Weezy must attain such feat. Anything below that equates to you being below his league.

See what Youtubers are saying about the performance.



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