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Asaase FM Presenter Knocked On The Head For Choosing Naana Blu’s Song “Cartoon” As Jam Of The Day On Live Radio

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 11, 2023


Naana Blu’s latest single, “Cartoon,” has been the talk of the town since its release two weeks ago. The song’s catchy lyrics and upbeat melody have made it an instant hit, with many music lovers praising the young artist for her talent and creativity.

Recently, the excitement surrounding “Cartoon” reached a fever pitch on Asaase FM’s live radio program. In a video that surfaced on Facebook, DJ Perfekt and Elvis, the program’s presenter, were heard discussing how they had chosen “Cartoon” as the Jam of the Day, beating out Camidon’s “Slow” and Kelvin Boy’s “Be Like That,” which were the other contenders.

However, the decision didn’t sit well with everyone in the studio. As the show’s final guest, Sticks, announced “Cartoon” as the winner, one of the two individuals who had chosen the other songs delivered a violent blow to his head, leaving him reeling in pain.


The incident has sparked a flurry of memes and jokes on social media, with many people hilariously poking fun at the attacker’s lack of appreciation for good music. Meanwhile, fans of Naana Blu continue to shower her with love and support, proving that true talent always shines through even in the face of violent opposition.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Naana Blu’s star continues to shine brightly, and “Cartoon” remains a fan favorite. The song’s infectious beat and memorable lyrics have earned it a place in the hearts of many music lovers, making it one of the most successful releases of the year so far. Enjoy:


Written: Keira-Terra Baaba

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