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Artistes Must Appreciate Their Fans – Roberta Gabby writes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at April 18, 2019


Just like the adage goes, the subjects can make and unmake their leader, without the fans, the existence of artists is a mirage. Who listens to the songs? Who votes an artist when he or she is eligible to win an award? Who downloads or streams their music? Who attends their shows? All these are done by the fans.

It is evident that Ghanaian artists do not recognize the fact that they are where or who they are because of the fans. Buzz marketing (word of mouth marketing) is a powerful tool that should trigger artist to create a room for interacting with their fans but some end up being rude and intolerant when fans try to connect with them which is of cause a very bad attitude since that fan could actually plant his thoughts among his peers and that artist tends to loose his fans.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah known in the entertainment circus as Shatta Wale the CEO of Shatta Movement has however been spotted in the limelight as an artist who engages interactively with his fans on his social media pages especially Facebook and Instagram. He had been able to win the trust of his fans which makes him earn more fans because he has acknowledged that his fan base is the pillar of his career therefore in a way to give back to them, he has dedicated Tuesdays to marketing of businesses for his fans. It is said that he gifts his fans in monetary or product terms just to show how appreciative he is of their support.

More artists should focus on building that cordial relationship with their fans to make them feel belonged even though some of these fans tend to bash them in view of that it is best you tolerate them due to the undeniable fact that except they help you build your career path, the artist builds in vain. Instead of just seeking their support when you need them, artists must be ready to make their fans have that feeling of being a part of the victory when they win.

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