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Are The Kardashians Stealing Rihanna’s Style?

Follow @eventlabgh < It is not uncommon to see celebrities wearing similar pieces especially those from the same designers. We...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 6, 2018


It is not uncommon to see celebrities wearing similar pieces especially those from the same designers. We see 2 or more celebrities in the same dress, shoes, bags but they and their stylists pair those items up with different accessories so most times the only thing common among both looks might just be the outfit, even the color might be different.

Ordinary folks like you and I can get away with copying celebrities’ styles but celebrities cannot afford to be caught REPEATEDLY copying another celebrity’s style as each star’s style is a huge part of their brand identity.

The Kardashian-Jenner women have been caught way too many times replicating Rihanna’s style that it can no longer be dismissed as mere coincidence.

We are starting to believe that Rih is a permanent fixture on the Kardashian mood board and the pictures below are proof.

These are 15 times the Kardashians have been caught taking notes from Rihanna’s fashion book.

Kim started wearing track suits just like Rihanna does (maybe it’s a coincidence).

Kim’s younger sister Kylie decided she liked the white tracksuit vibe. (It was a trend so…)

Rihanna is the known as the queen of wearing and looking good in Baggy outfits. Kylie channeled her inner Bad Girl in this outfit and switched it up by changing the color.

Same floor length satin gown with collar and long sleeves, different colors though.

We’ll just leave this here.

Oh Kylie! Couldn’t you change the pose?

Another day, another baggy outfit.

The most famous steal of them all same outfit, same hairstyle.

Same shoes

These thigh high boots were work just days within each other.

Oh you thought we were done with Kim.

Denim on denim and nude shoes? Looks really familiar.

Coincidence? We think not!

And who can forget that one time Kim copied her lip colour just days after meeting her…

These amongst many were some of the times the Kardashians wore the same style as Rihanna which begs the question ‘Are The Kardashians Stealing Rihanna’s Style?’

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