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All The Things We Miss About Friday Nights

Follow @eventlabgh < As the saying goes, Lagos is the city that never sleeps. But the city has been well...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 10, 2020


As the saying goes, Lagos is the city that never sleeps. But the city has been well and truly asleep over the past few months no thanks to dear little miss Rona. It’s been a long year, and we never thought we’d be saying this, but we miss the streetlights, the hustle and bustle, the Lagos noise and loud music.

We miss Friday nights as we knew it. And we’ve put together this post to refresh our (and your) memories about what Fridays used to be before Rona struck!

Club Hopping

What is a Friday night without a lit party?
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, clubs haven’t been allowed to open fully and when it’s opened, we have to maintain social distancing. Sigh. It’s so sad we can no longer boogie down on the dance floor.

Game Nights

Game nights on a Friday hit differently! Whether you’re screaming at the TV screen with your friends over a football game, or you’re simply playing word games with your favourite people. Afterwork activities with friends can be so exhilarating after a long week of stress.

Going to the Cinema

I mean it’s all good and nice that we have Showmax to binge-watch our favourite shows 24/7, but we truly miss movie dates at the cinema on Friday nights!

Chilling at a Lounge

The scenery, the aesthetically pleasing presence, the rooftops, the waterfront. Do you still remember the feeling that comes with those? It feels like ages when we could just let down our hair and have a full-on chillout experience without worrying about curfews.

Karaoke Nights

After a long week at work, singing and screaming out your guts can help you relieve all the stress of the week. And doing it with friends? Pure bliss!

We miss Friday nights about town so much so you can understand our excitement at the return of Africa Magic’s Turn Up Friday show! We may still be stuck at home, but who says Friday nights have to be any less exciting?

Hosted by Do2tun and featuring performances from both established and rising DJs and dancers, Turn Up Friday airs on DStv channel 198 at 9:30 PM every Friday!

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