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All The Housemates Said During Fifth Secret Diary Session

Follow @eventlabgh < Venita Akpofure, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, and Lazywrita joined Toke Makinwa for the fifth episode of Showmax’s The Buzz...

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Venita Akpofure, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, and Lazywrita joined Toke Makinwa for the fifth episode of Showmax’s The Buzz on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

They discussed everything that went down in the house over the week. From KayVee’s voluntary withdrawal, the missing condoms, Maria’s impressive week as Head of House, Jackie’s situationship with Michael. They also discussed the bonds they are forming, Maria’s issues with Angel, fights, and the standout moments from week 4. Even better, we got to see the housemates’ secret diary sessions.

These secret sessions allow housemates to rant about any and everything, and some of the juiciest details are revealed here. People discuss who they like, who they want to be with, those they can’t stand and more. This week, the housemates tell Big Brother who they would evict if they have veto power.

Here’s a quick summary of what some of your favourite housemates had to share during their fifth secret diary session:

– Pere’s beef continues with Whitemoney in his secret diary session, declaring that he would evict him if he had the veto power to do so. He called his rival “the embodiment of fakeness”.

– It appears that Angel will actually be Whitemoney’s guardian angel as she said she would evict Pere in a heartbeat.

– Michael says he’ll evict JMK because he feels like she’s not all the way involved with the game.

– Liquorose would take out Cross because she feels like everybody in the house loves him. It would be hard for them to nominate him for possible eviction.

– In a shocking twist, Boma told Big Brother that he would nominate Queen because they find it hard to get along. Remember that Boma and Queen are always together during parties, and it seems like they have an affair brewing.

– Tega will gladly say goodbye to Saga so that he can go home and rest.

– Even if he’s sure he’ll be conflicted, Yousef thinks Peace would be his go-to choice for a housemate to send home.

– JMK would very quickly send home Pere because “he is very full of himself”.

– Whitemoney will “evict Pere immediately because he’s too prideful”.

– Saskay thinks she’ll ask Queen to leave Biggie’s house because she has noticed that the new housemate is too paranoid, and she thinks everyone is out to get her.

– JayPaul says he’ll definitely evict Pere because he feels like the general is not a team player.

– Maria chose JMK because they’ve not bonded at all.

– Cross also said he’ll evict Pere because he doesn’t think he has other people’s best interests at heart.

– Peace will take out JMK from the game simply because she doesn’t really know her.

– For the time being, Saga says he is most likely to choose Queen because he’s not close to her, and she acts out of place.

– As expected, Jackie B will evict Angel because she doesn’t like “people that irritate me around me”. She says she’ll remove her so she can avoid being irritated in the house.

– Emmanuel and Nini will send home Pere because he feels unbeatable, undefeatable and overconfident.

– Sammie and Queen will also send Pere home if they had a chance because they feel he’s manipulative and cunning.

The secret diary sessions are exclusive to Showmax. They feature as part of the streaming platform’s new show, ‘The Buzz’, hosted by award-winning media personality Toke Makinwa. Brand new episodes are released on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 pm. You can catch the next episode on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Download the Showmax app on your iOS or Android device to stay updated on the drama from the BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ edition. ​​

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