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Album Review: G.O.E (God Over Evil) by Patoranking

Follow @eventlabgh < Patoranking GOE launch in Ghana G.O.E (God Over Evil)  is a reflection of the talent of Patoranking,...

Patoranking GOE launch in Ghana

Patoranking GOE launch in Ghana

G.O.E (God Over Evil)  is a reflection of the talent of Patoranking, as we have known through his previous works. From previously released singles such as ‘Daniella Whine’ featuring Elephant Man (Track 15) to the more recent releases such as, ‘No Kissing Baby’ featuring Sarkodie (Track 9), the debut album showcases a great combination of Patoranking’s musical talents with the craftsmanship of the various producers he worked with on the album; as well as the guest appearances, that altogether make the album one to collect.

G.O.E creatively opens with the introductory track, ‘Patoranking’, produced by Ball J. The track starts with  a prayer by Patoranking’s mum and elevates into a pulsating heavy percussion which sets the pace for the diversity on the album. A good intro but not a song you expect to hear on the radio.

Track 2, the title track tells a great story of his struggles in life before the success he now enjoys. With its lyrical sincerity, ‘G.O.E’ is as inspiring as it is moving.  Track 3, ‘Cheating Zone’ is a masterful reggae song that again showcases Pato’s dynamism while the clever and not too direct lyrics around staying faithful shines through.

Track 4, ‘Money’ featuring Phyno is an interesting Afrobeats Infusion, which takes him away from his usual dancehall/reggae elements.  It has great instrumentation and again, sincere lyrics. ‘Killing Me Again’, track 5 follows the Afrobeats exploration but this time at a higher tempo. It is danceable with a catchy easy-to -sing-along hooks that would fit many occasions.

Track 6, ‘This Kind Luv’ feat Wizkid, is one of my favorites on the album and surely it will be for many too. It is a medium tempo lovers rock jam with strong african roots and unmissable brass instrumentations in between.

‘Writings On The Wall’  and ‘Forever’, track 7 and 8 respectively see Patoranking slow it down again within his usual elements but with varying tempos. On track 10, ‘Mama Aboyo’ he switches it up  with Olaminde.  An interesting mix of instrumentations creating a seemingly modern infusion of fuji music with techno and even soca. I totally love it.

Track 11, ‘Stammerer’ opens with classical note and transcends to a slow jam with beautiful arrangement and vocals with interesting lyrics and pun. Track 12, ‘Love Town’ is a supercool easy reggae rhythm with elements of rock.

On track 13, ‘Hale Hale’ Patoranking puts up what was perhaps his most demanding vocal performance- with good feeling of a mix of church vibes with ‘jama’ vibes. Track 14, ‘Beautiful’ just like the title suggests is beautiful with elements of piano and sax. Perhaps the most romantic track on the album.

G.E.O closes with track 16, ‘Ayinde’ featuring Kwam 1. To be honest he couldn’t have chosen a better song to seal the experience. ‘Ayinde’  which means Praise is unexpected and in a world of its own – very cultural, bringing out the Yoruba roots yet modern enough to connect with a global audience. Nothing says God Over Everything more than a song of praise!

G.E.O has the traits of a great album – taking listeners on a journey and giving them something for every occasion. From the feel-good songs to the almost philosophical ones, Patoranking shows  more than enough diversity beyond being just a reggae/dancehall artist that is worthy of my 8-star ratings.

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