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Age Is Not Just A Number On Episode 13 Of Shoot Your Shot

Follow @eventlabgh < On episode 13 of Africa Magic’s dating reality show, Shoot Your Shot, host Bisola Aiyeola came with...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 28, 2021


On episode 13 of Africa Magic’s dating reality show, Shoot Your Shot, host Bisola Aiyeola came with all the groove and ginger to match two people, one of who has had a crush on the other for nine months.

Victor Udoh is a 36-year-old media consultant and entertainment journalist. He enjoys bringing the best out of people. He reached out to the Shoot Your Shot team because he wanted to make it happy and sweet for his Temitope.

Iwajomo Sarah Temitope is a 23-year-old actress and entrepreneur. She is a sweet girl who is currently single and enjoying the “baby girl life”. She enjoys having fun and is very passionate about entertainment. Sarah has had her fair share of heartbreaks and her last relationship ended due to lack of communication. Right now, she is just looking to be happy.

Although the age difference between the two of them is 12 years, Victor says it’s not a barrier for him and would feel the same way even if he was 20 years older than her. He is interested in Sarah as he sees the qualities of a wife in her and would love to make her his.

When asked who her ideal man is, Sarah said she wants a man who can communicate properly, one who is considerate, supports her morally and is a prayerful man. When it was time for the unveiling, Bisola escorted Sarah to meet Victor. On getting there, she burst into laughter because according to her, she didn’t see it coming.

She said she didn’t know that Victor was romantic because he is always uptight. She went ahead to ask him questions. Sarah asked Victor what his turnoffs in a woman were, and he said he doesn’t like a woman who snores, he also said he doesn’t like a cheat. On the other end, Sarah said she doesn’t like a guy who can’t communicate well and who isn’t considerate. The two of them had a charming conversation.

And then it was time for Victor to pose his long-awaited question. He serenaded her about all the things he wants from her. Sarah, in return, rejected his relationship proposal.

She said the age difference was just a lot. In addition, he is ready for marriage when she is just starting out her life. She also told him she likes someone else. Victor left the show very disappointed and a little heartbroken.

Shoot Your Shot airs on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv Channel 151 at 5:30 PM every Sunday!

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