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After sweeping 2016 Ghana Movie Awards, ‘Like Cotton Twines’ premieres in Ho on Christmas Day

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 12, 2016


Like Cotton Twines' to screen at Los Angeles Film Festival

Like Cotton Twines’ to screen at Los Angeles Film Festival

Turning Point Pictures has scheduled the Ghana release of the critically acclaimed film for the 25th of December in the capital of the Volta Region, Ho.

Like Cotton Twines which shines light on  Trokosi, a religious form that enslaves women in a shrine,  is practiced in the Volta Region.

According to the director Leila Djansi, premiering in the Volta Region allows the message of the film get to the intended persons; leaders and women of the Volta Region.

“It is loaning my voice to women, not only in the Volta Region but all over Ghana and  the world. We want to tell ourselves that education is a powerful tool for advancement and change. Education in a four walled classroom is essential,  not everyone has that, so skill acquisition which also provides income, financial independence. An independent women is a powerful woman, a woman who can stand up for herself and her children”, said Leila Djansi. 

Like Cotton Twines tells the story of Micah, an American volunteer who takes a teaching job in a remote town of the Volta Region. He encounters Tuigi, his 14 year old student who is to become Trokosi to atone for her fathers crime. Micah begins the arduous task of fighting church and state to free Tuigi from this cruel fate.

Luckie Lawson who plays Tuigi’s mother in the film added that if the mother had a voice, social and financial independence, she could have saved her daughter. A poignant reason why women should not be trapped by rules of culture and society. 

The film will premiere at the GNAT Hall, Ho on 25th December 2016 at 6pm prompt.

Tickets are on sale for 10ghc. 

Stars expected to attend the event are Luckie Lawson, David Dontoh. Adjetey Annang and Mawuli Semevo. 

Like Cotton Twines stars Jay Ellis, Ophelia Dzidzornu, Miranda Bailey, Yvonne Okoro,

David Dontoh, Luckie Lawson and Mawuli Semevo.

The very successful film has traveled industry festivals around the world and won the Best Narrative Feature at the Savannah Film Festival. 

The film supports international Needs, a religious organization that frees women from Trokosi and enrolls them in institutions for skill acquisition in Adidome in the Volta Region. Visit their page to learn and support.

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